Kitchens, news from Eurocucina 2014

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The productive sector of the kitchen furniture is in turmoil, it arrives in Eurocucina 2014. Let's see some preview of the products currently being launched or makeover.

Kitchens, news from Eurocucina 2014
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

It 's coming Eurocucina 2014

Eurocucina Waiting for Eurocucina 2014, appointment happening every two years during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we see a preview of the new products or new versions currently being launched.

Few months are still missing for the international appointment with the most anticipated of all the fairs in the furniture industry, in fact, that this year is hosting the even more awaited Eurocucina, with the latest news of this particular area of the world of design.

In the meantime are circulating the first previews of new products or new interpretations of projects of kitchens already established on the market and for which preparations are expected more in line with the latest stylistic dictates or for which they provide the most innovative technological adaptations.

Carbon fiber shelves and top of the kitchen

Toncelli: Invisibile Is the new born at home Toncelli and is called Invisibile, the kitchen of great charm which testifies in full the ongoing search for solutions in the name of innovation and functionality, typical of the Tuscan company.

This new kitchen design, designed by Studio Carlesi uses carbon fiber as the basic structural material, not just as a coating for the roof and for the peninsula. Carbon fiber is a composite materiali innovative, highly durable from both the mechanical and thermal point of view, also not afraid of the action of chemical agents, and all this combined with a lightweight design, making it ideal in the use of production of elements for kitchens.

The news concerning the new kitchen Invisibile do not end here. The new paint system with liquid metal gives to the surface texture of the doors of the cupboards an aesthetic that relates perfectly with the texture of the carbon fiber.

In addition, thanks to an innovative system patented for the opening, it was possible to avoid the application of both handles and profiles undermount or grooves between drawers, thus emphasizing the formal rigor and the clean style of this model.

As always happens, Toncelli Toncelli: Invisibile is particularly sensitive to the technological aspects, and also in the kitchen Invisibile the domotic is present at various levels: from the touch screen with web connection, you can control all the automated components of the kitchen itself, plus there's the sound spread through technology excitatory with which it is possible to transmit the sound on the surface, spreading it to 360 degrees.

Kitchen fitting, or the elimination of the unnecessary

Snaidero: Skyline 2.0 Skyline, design by Lucci Orlandini, by Snaidero is now an established model for years, yet it never ceases to amaze. Even revisiting every little aesthetic or technical completion I do appreciate the currency, as it is the case with version 2.0.

And the basic concept that was designed at the time, on the other hand, which makes this model one of the most popular kitchen of the Friuli and not just by a young clients, despite the scenic impact vaguely futuristic.

The approach to design of the kitchen Skyline 2.0 starts from the principle of the elimination of all that is superfluous, for the benefit of a better use of functions and rationalization of space. Here, then, that the work plan takes on the characteristic shape wrap that fits ergonomically in the body, according to the most personal needs, both aesthetic and practical.

The plan does not only become the protagonist, but also are the linear or shaped shelves with integrated lighting to LED technology, the multifunction trolley and the angular walker with two shelves for items, bases semi hanging protruding. Particularly effective is the new solution to light through bars measure multiled semi-recessed, with final effect of the likes light slanted inward to avoid glare.

All this helps to facilitate each gesture to operate and work in the kitchen: the ideal for any person who works in the kitchen for duty or passion ...

The expectations are functional and emotional find in 2.0 Skyline a response equally effective for those who are looking for a product that will help them to give an idea of his own kitchen as a place informal, practical, personal, flexible, technologically advanced and where to express their desire to socialize.

The interpretation that Snaidero offers with Sklyline 2.0 is that of a kitchen fully lived and that follows the changes, which furnishes a space-point-of-meeting, the true heart of the whole house, where we meet with family and friends, for private or business lunches and dinners more friendly with many guests.

This style of cooking includes a column modules that exploit the flanks, in order to increase the storage capacity of the work more properly defined, and represents a solution to the integration of the living area.

2.0 Skyline focal point of the kitchen is the preparation area, which is a real console where everything is easily accessible and manageable. The added value is the possibility of customization: endless combinations of sizes and materials.

Snaidero: Skyline 2.0 There are, in fact, 100 available finishes, in order to express your creativity and create a beautiful and functional space. Floors, doors and shelves are all totally customizable, while remaining visually, especially the shelves, the graphic sign that contains chromatically the project, real distinctiveness of Skyline 2.0, immediately recognizable.

Interesting the idea of being able to play with all the possible variations on the company website, thanks to the dedicated configuration, in order to have immediately the idea of the composition that can be customized.

Post: Kitchens, news from Eurocucina 2014
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