Lids for cooking

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The lids for cooking are technically cooking optimizers, they allow you to cook without fat and maintaining the qualities of the food.

Lids for cooking
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Lids as cooking tools

set Magic CookerFrom a long time now I hear my friends, much more devoted to the culinary arts with respect to the undersigned (the undisputed queen of the frozen), going crazy for the mysterious lids for cooking, they were singing the praises of: the possibility to cook any dish in less time than usual, with little seasoning and without dirtying the kitchen, and they are adaptable to all types of pots ...

So, taken by curiosity, I finally attended one of the many demonstrations in which these products are marketed and I explored the topic of informing various companies, to discover the characteristics of these magic lids.

How lids work

The lids of which we are talking about are technically cooking optimizers, they allow you to cook without fat and preserving the organoleptic qualities of the food.

EWC: principio di funzionamento The principle of operation is to exploit the moist heat that is created in the pot with the presence of the lid, and the heat that the same lid reflects downward.
The lids have in fact in the center a knob provided with holes, which condenses a part of the steam that is formed in the upper part of the pot and make it fall down through the holes.
In this way the foods are cooked in a uniform manner without the effect of steam cooking boiled nor the excessive dryness of the oven.

The cooking times are cut in half, making the operation of cooking faster and also cheaper, since it saves energy.

Depending on the type of flame and the height of the pot, the optimizer can perform the function of grill, toaster, deep fryer, microwave, steam ventilated oven or pressure cooker.

It is possible not only to cook various recipes of pasta, but also many other things, such as pizzas and desserts, directly on the stove, without having to turn on the oven and consume electricity.
Another type of use is the cooking of frozen foods, which can be taken directly from the freezer, thawed and cooked at the same time, without having to go through the microwave.
It can also fry, without having squirts and so keeping clean the kitchen floor and avoiding bad smells. The cover also prevents the leakage of other liquids, and so, in addition to preventing the extinction of the flame, also in this case greatly reduces the spread of odors.

The cover is similar to a normal cover of a pot or a pan, it is not a device that requires electricity to operate, nor is mechanical, so you can take it with you anywhere.
It requires no maintenance and it can be washed conveniently by hand or in the dishwasher.

These are the advantages of this type of product, while among the disadvantages mentioned by some users, there is the price which is a bit high. However, we must say that the cost of the purchase will pay for itself in a few months, if used consistently, since, as we have seen, it saves gas and electricity.

Lids models

Among the various products found on the market are the lids Magic Cooker, made of austenitic steel, considered the best, and guaranteed by the company for 25 years.

Magic Cooker Lids fit pots from 14 to 34 cm, with prices ranging from 35.50 to 95.90, also available in kit form and in a square format.

EWC: limited edition But the company that boasts a pioneering role in this field is certainly EWC with his lids SAW SUW and Evolution. In stainless steel, are guaranteed for life if you strictly follow the instructions provided.

These lids are available in two sizes: the large format of 34 cm that can be adapted to all sizes of pot up to this diameter, and the smaller, 27 cm, suitable to use, for example, on vacation.

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, in addition, the company has put on the market a limited edition version of the lid, with a special processing of steel and an ergonomic handle with glitter.

All companies make available an useful recipe books and also a tutorial video online for the use of the lids.

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