Luxury style kitchens

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The luxury style favors the choice of precious materials to define shapes and decorations that take into account legacy classic reinvented in a contemporary way.

Luxury style kitchens
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Luxury style kitchens

Already in other articles on our site I have dealt with the topic of style luxury furnishings, willing to define with this term that category of unique furnishings, that make of refinement and sophistication, the key element.

Luxury style nell'arredamento Nothing to do then, with the luxury understood as a blaze of lights, inlays and decorations galore scattered on the doors or paneling improbable and inhospitable environments, only to watch flipping through magazines or special viewing equipment hastily in some stands of the various trade fairs ...

The luxury style, luxurious style, it is quite understood in the most modern meaning and significant, as that style that favors the choice of precious materials, exploiting the full potential, bending them to define shapes and decorations otherwise impossible to make, the result, in turn, detailed studies that take into account legacy classic reinvented in a contemporary way.

While, however, in the case of environments such as the bedroom or the living room such an approach is challenging and can give vent to even complex projects that take into account the factor of the functional and aesthetic at the same way, in the case of the kitchen argument is, shall we say, a little more delicate.

The kitchen, in fact, is the environment where the functionality is the primary feature, the aesthetic has to contend with the practicality, not everyone can afford a kitchen where you can cook and another one to admire ...

Therefore  luxury and functionality, glamor and practicality can coexist?

Luxury style in the kitchen

Brummel: Diamond, Cheers Hour chiuso

Apparently so, at least to see the proposals by Brummel. Diamond in the model results, first of all, the concept of cooking-place-of-work in that kitchen-space-relaxation: the mobile bar becomes a real equipped space, elegant and glamorous, with the addition of an ice maker , a wine rack and glass rack, a mini sink and a mini stove.

The bar forniture style luxury Diamond, is therefore a perfect island for a perfect cheers hour, hence the name, to enjoy in a luxurious and functional space at the same time.

Brummel: Diamond, Cheers Hour aperto Here, then, that the classic is reinterpreted to meet modern needs, transforming a classic island design in an elegant and efficient bar, thanks to a sophisticated mechanism that allows all of this in four easy steps.

The structure of Cheers Hour is lacquered glossy white, with soft and rounded forms, the plan is in lacquered glass and mother-of-pearl, and later to the mechanism, he gets divided into two parts that slide sideways showing all the elements, while the central part of the top slides forward to create a plan for the support.

Luxury style for the workstation

It is a real workstation the one proposed by Officine Gullo for its kitchen Palm Beach and we will see it at the next Salone del Mobile in Milan. This is the translation of a luxury style workstation that has everything needed to be considered a true island's working professional.

Officine Gullo: Palm Beach The finishes of the kitchen Palm Beach, including the border perimeter, are in chrome and satin, while the long cooking zone training (208 cm) has brass burners with power 7.5 kw and the maxi double oven in stainless steel, with measures that allow the use of food trays.

Other equipment in support of this position are the coup de feu cast iron, the element pasta cooker/ steamer, the mirror-polished chrome fry top, all gas powered.

Completing the cooking area the pyramidal hood painted metal, with suction motor and professional led lights, finally back in brushed aluminum. The area includes the sink and wash the top in brushed steel anti-scratch and Miele dishwasher.

Officine Gullo: Palm Beach, isola 188 Even more characterized the island of professional cooking, size 188 x 136 cm, made in stainless steel with high thickness and satin-finish chrome-plated brass and wooden handles. On the one hand are positioned 2 professional ovens in steel, one maxi 100 cm by 80 cm and the other, both multifunctional and compatible with the standards of catering trays, on the other side there are 2 drawers and a compartment with double door.

The hob has high performance burners in brass with power up to 6 kW, a cast iron griddle, a grill with lava rock grill comes with a special anti-smoke, a pasta cooker/ steamer. All elements are gas-powered.

Even in this case, as it happens for all creations Officine Gullo, the cooking station can be customized by changing dimensions and arrangement of the elements. Even the aesthetics can be personalized with engravings on the handles and the use of color variants of the RAL range.

The version that we will look at the Salone del Mobile will be color Pearl White and chrome-plated brass with satin finishes.

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