Mini appliances and kitchen accessories

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Not only small appliances in the kitchen but also accessories for the microwave, in silicone or glass and ceramic serving dishes, or to decorate the table.

Mini appliances and kitchen accessories
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Small appliances, a great help in the kitchen

Kenwood Chefette There is no doubt now: the television programs dedicated to cooking are among the most widely watched, not only by the real, passionate chefs, but also by simple lovers of good food, even only to take notes and then suggest the real cooks at home new recipes or ideas for delicious dishes.

In short, for passion or pleasure, we stay in the kitchen more and more gladly, thanks to the fact that being at the table together, with family or with friends, during a simple day or for more official occasions, is a natural adhesive between people, a way to meet or know each other better, to confront or to strengthen old ties.

So, beyond of what the reason is, if for you the verb to cook has some important meaning, there is no doubt that, in practice, you need practical help, are these appliances , or simple accessories for cooking and to accompany the dishes on the table.

Chefette of HM680 Kenwood is the new, stylish Hand Mixer with stainless steel bowl for kneading, mixing and work the liquid compounds, with a handy lid and 5 speeds splash guard. It is the ideal appliance for whipping and mixing any liquid mixture and beat untill stiff, with the distinctive feature of having the 3 liter stainless steel bowl with auto-rotate.

It is thanks to the combination of movement of the bowl and the beaters or the hooks action that you will get excellent results. The handle with the rubberized shaped finishes, then, makes the use of this appliance easier and more handy, so each preparation is simplified.

Chefette has 350 W of power and works in 5 speed levels beyon the Pulse function can also be used as a Hand Mixer in the HM version 620. The release of the two whips and hooks is automatic. Chefette HM 620 has an affordably price of 50 , while the version HM 680 with bowl, the cost is of 100 .
Kenwood: Spatola
Again from the Kenwood house, here it is the new pastry spatula to apply to Kenwood Chef and Cooking Chef. It is an accessory that allowsyou to mix in a perfect way, stirring from the bottom upwards, the ingredients of all mixtures beaten untill stiff making them liquid, just think of mousses or soufflés ...

The new spatula is in addition to other accessories such as sheeter, cutter, press, bronze dies, just to name a few. Its indicative price is about 40 for the AT511 and 60 for the version AT512, for the bowls respectively, 4,6 l and 6,7 l. Great gifst, to keep in mind for the coming holidays.

Accessories in silicone for the microwave

Lékué: accessorio per omelette Not only appliances in the kitchen, but also very useful accessories, such as those made of silicone. It dates back to the 12th of October, the cooking show organized on the premises of Moroni Gomma, in Milan, curated by Lékué in collaboration with Whirlpool, during which a chef has presented several articles of the Spanish brand, teaching to the public how to use them.

All accessories are made of silicone and are designed to be able to cook meat, rice, vegetables, eggs and cake in the microwave. The demonstrations ranged from brioche to cup cakes, to muffins, cups of chocolate, saffron risotto, rice with sauce, noodles and cheese pies. In short, everything for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners quick and tasty Lékué: accessorio per cottura a vaporethanks to microwave cooking.

Prices range from 17.00 forthe omelettes mould to 26.00 for the pasta cooker to cook, drain and serve; from the 22.50 for the cake pops kit to the 24.00 for the accessory to prepare and serve directly on the table rice and other cereals.

And then, the Lékué macaron kit 38,00 , the bread box 32.00 , the steam cooker 36.00 and the lemon spray 14.00 . All things to be wrapped up and given as gifts, without necessarily waiting for Christmas ...

Colorful accessories for Christmas

Calligaris: GlennFor those who are waiting for the next Christmas to suggest articles and colorful accessories to give or ask as a gift, there is Calligaris, which presents its collection of glass, cork, ceramic and felt, in a range of bright colors such as yellow, red and aubergine, or in shades of beige, gray, green and periwinkle.

The result is a creative mix of contrasts between light and dark, between cool shades as the matching periwinkle-gray-white, or energizing as the yellow-red-aubergine.

As for the materials, the felt has been chosen for its lightness and versatility andCalligaris: Kork being the undisputed protagonist also in the fashion industry; glass and ceramics represent a classic in the world of furniture and accessories, Calligaris incorporates both to present the vases and the centerpiece of the collections Tristan, Glenn and Bluma, for the boule Jasper and for the vases Flavour and Daphne.

And then, again, cork is a material of ancient origins, is taken to achieve Kork Krok, ironic centerpieces and small cylindrical containers, while the polished aluminum was chosen to give light to the table making bowls, centerpieces and flower pots.

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