Modern kitchens with special design

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It seems that modern kitchens are all equal, with nothing else to invent, in terms of design and technology, finishes and colors. But is this really true?

Modern kitchens with special design
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

It seems that modern kitchens are a bit all equal, and that now there's nothing else to invent, in terms of design and technology, finishes and colors. But is this really true? Let's see some examples of models with very special, particularly neat and elegant modern style design.

New kitchens from Koelnmesse 2013

Schiffini. Cinqueterre titanium Since Eurocucina will be back in Milan next year, kitchens operators have known latest news thanks to the last appointment Living Kitchen, during Koelnmesse 2013.

There you could not miss the contribution of a leading company in the international market, Schiffini , emblem of the best Made in Italy in terms of design and technology, a winning combination for the Italian brand.

In the international showcase of last January the historic brand presented, as well as the legendary Cinqueterre kitchen, now in titanium version, the two models Pampa and Mesa, design Alfredo Häberli.

Cinqueterre is the emblem of the most typical Schiffini production: elegance and precision. Fruit of the creative mind of Vico Magistretti, it is entirely made of aluminum, first among all the others in this particular type of finish.
Schiffini. Mesa.
The titanium finishing represents a technological evolution, as well as an aesthetic evolution, because it exploits the capabilities of the anodization process for making the same finish, applied to a wave shaped surface, unalterable over time.

Mesa represents the idea of the kitchen Häberli has in his mind: a cozy and real-life kitchen. In addition to the large table with benches, the concept is based on a multipurpose structure with central island, which invites everybody to the user-friendliness and multiple use during food preparation.

Schiffini. Mesa. The formal disorder, the wavy decoration of surfaces, the asymmetry of the functional elements also from the point of view of materials (very effective is the contrast between the two wood and steel finishes), reveal, as a matter of fact, a great attention to functionality.

The kitchen is the soul of the house. This is the concept around which the activity of Häberli as a designer develops, and he designs Pampa, made entirely of wood and considered the natural evolution of Mesa. The most important feature of the design of this kitchen is the extreme compactness in both volumes and surfaces.
Schiffini. Pampa.
Even the handle is solved by an effective intuition : an incision on the surface seems to cause a separation of a small band of material which, rising, becomes a handle.

Nothing more. A simple processing on a surface, then bi-dimensional, technically demanding, actually results in a three-dimensional effect that breaks the monotony of the surface itself, creating a play of light and shade on the wood.

Modern kitchen always new. Just change the handle

SieMatic. S3 About handles, we mark the new kitchen S3 by SieMatic , a striking design at a great value. That is, who said that a beautiful and quality kitchen should be necessarily expensive?

The design of this new SieMatic product is innovative and at the same time free to be interpreted according to taste even after some time from the first purchase. And here we return to the handles.

The components are made of aluminum in seven different colors, and they can be mixed and replaced at will, to give different impressions of the composition: discrete or dynamic, casual and expressive. SieMatic. S3

So just have a little fantasy, clear ideas about the kind of impact you want to get, and you can proceed by combining different colour situations of lacquered doors and different combinations of handles, in harmony or contrast.

And then you could change them again. You will have your kitchen, which will cost a lot less than you think. Just say it is not good news these days ...

Kitchen and technology

Toncelli. Prisma. When the high technology enters the kitchen it cannot do this if not according to certain standards but without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. Prisma, by Toncelli has it all: a high-tech design kitchen, ideal for a company operating in the field of tailor made kitchens for luxury spaces.

Prisma is born from the partnership between Toncelli and Experientia, user experience design agency in Turin, and is the technology that anticipates the future. The concept of the design is minimal, yet complex in its essential being, contemporary and dynamic, with integrated Samsung technologies to make a difference with similar products.

It is made with lacquered red and white doors (Toncelli red), with glass and black Toncelli. Prisma. anodized aluminum worktop and island with interactive table and sliding chopping board that houses a tablet. The handles are hidden.

The highlight is of course represented by its interactive worktop with touch screen technology and an Internet connection, which allows the continuous updating of recipes and planned menus. As a completion there is also a swivel lunchbox to customize with a base for the tablet.

Kitchen with hidden working areas

Toncelli. Essential Quadra.Toncelli. Essential Quadra. Also by Toncelli, the kitchen Essential Quadra comes from the evolution of Essential and Cupboard models, with a design that is inspired by the square. Characteristic is the desire to hide the whole working area inside a cupboard or under the sliding worktop , so as to maintain the essential and clean style of the entire composition.

It is just the cupboard to characterize this model. Measuring 165 cm in width, it has retractable doors that enclose a steel built-in unit of 150 cm with sink, faucet and stove.

The working island with sliding top has a cubic structure and is covered in DuPont Corian®, of which other accessories are also made. Inside it cutting boards and stools are hidden.

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