Modern kitchens

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The kitchen is the room that over the years has undergone several transformations. Today is beautiful, offers high performance, is customizable and suitable for those who live it.

Modern kitchens
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

The kitchen: the beating heart of the house

It is the room that gives the awakening, the one that sees all members of the family gathered around the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as the laboratory for culinary experiments in the kitchen.

Moreover, in recent years, the aesthetic side and the functionality of the kitchen met.
The result is a wide range of proposals for modern kitchens, young, modular and customizable that are no longer relegated to the background, but in fact, shown on demand and integrated to the living area.

The modern kitchens have in fact all these features and companies churn out new models all the time able to meet the needs of convenience, safety and appearance are enviable. Each then has its own peculiarities, able to make it unique and the chosen one.

Kitchens in steel: professionalism at home as at the restaurant

Those who demands from the kitchen high-level performance and performance from the restaurant, can rely on professional kitchens Abimis.
These are created to be eternal and are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, metal biologically neutral that does not emit odors, makes no substance on foods, resists corrosion, at temperatures up to 500°C, it cleans very easily and is recyclable 100%.

The kitchens Abimis are taylor made and are carefully crafted in every detail, from the various types of containers to the finish, the thickness of the steel doors to the work plans.

The steel, in these kitchens, accompanies every stage of the food preparation, providing optimal conditions for an excellent success. For example kitchens Abimis offer a protected area for storage of ingredients, designed, structured to best preserve the look, the smell, the taste.

cucina ego abimis Moreover, the work plan, convenient because higher than the standard sizes, is a monolithic steel: a continuous surface without joints that facilitates cleaning and hygiene, the Plan S.OF., Stop overfloating, was thought to hinder the fall to the ground of the liquids.

The models of Ego and Atelier by Abimis, born from the experience of Prisma in professional catering, are designed for home and designed to rotate around the movements of the cook, mixing ergonomics, innovation, aesthetics and design.

The Ego line presents a wire swing radiused door, fully integrated in the structure, for a great aesthetic and, using a pivot hinge of new conception and invisible, does not need to be adjusted.

cucina Abimis
The Atelier line, however, with hinged square shape and plans in different finishes and materials (natural wood, painted and stones for both the top and for the doors), can be customized with and without handles or traditional zip.

These professional kitchens boast the experience of the builders, the vision of the architect, the sensitivity of a cook and the wisdom of the artisans of the steel.

Creative and convertible kitchens

Color, transformation, modern lines and dynamics.
This, in brief, the description of the Creative kitchen by Lube, perfect example of the research and the attention that the company devotes to the kitchens of the new millennium.

Creative Food Lube
It is designed to cater to young clients, who feels like having furniture in continuous evolution, able to change appearance in a few easy steps.

Creative is a program of furniture designed for personal living space and therefore exclusive. Geometric lines, play of colors, materials and shapes, give life to a surprising result, because the detail make the difference.

The ideal composition is created at the table, moving elements, matching tables and chairs customized according to the needs and space.
An example? The fronts of the bases and of the columns rotate 180 degrees, and thus form, depending on how you choose to arrange them, drawings and movements always new.

Its young design makes it perfect if placed on sight in an open space.

Very nice also the model Imagine, a novelty by Lube, which contains all the possibilities for  the customization of a kitchen.

Cucina Imagine Lube
You can choose the type of opening, tip-on and push and pull, handle in wave or gorge shape, or protruding.
In addition there is a wide range of color combinations to dress up the kitchen, resorting to doors with colored insert, to new accessories, open elements, supports and new shaped tops with original shapes, like the rounded elements that make the kitchen elegant and modern .

Here you can choose the socket between two different heights, new is also the open terminal with door and nine new wooden finishes sync pore for the doors.

Design kitchens

In the overview of the most innovative and modern lines in the kitchen, can not miss the winner of the Good Design Award 2009: the kitchen 36e8 by Lago, a project that lightens the perception of space of the professional kitchen.

Cucina 36e8 Lago
A lightweight, given also by the suspension effect, which comes from the same system design approach for living 36e8, based on the square element 36,8cm x 36,8cm (hence the name of the model).

This model has brought a revolution in the standard configuration of the kitchen, traditionally thought of blocks and lengths in multiples of 15 or 30cm.

The kitchen is modular: the containers, which can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, can be combined in infinite ways around a hypothetical grid. This project offers the compositional freedom in choosing containers, depth, finishes and colors, no longer dictated by the built-in appliances.

The square form, absolutely atypical in the kitchen, allows you to create astonishing volumes and forms, responding to the growing need for practicality and aesthetic of the customer: to be a player in the assemblying of its kitchen.

The system kitchens 36e8 is designed on three main areas: wall units, base units with various types of tops and cupboards, in which you can integrate the tall refrigerator and the appliances.

And the pantry become another example of the revolution compared to the past.

Dispensa NOW Lago
The pantry now also contains the same appliances and blends with the rest of the kitchen and with the interior decoration, disguising its many features behind a facade aesthetically amazing.

The pantry N.O.W. by Lago, who care for aesthetics and impact seems an exquisitely decorative piece of furniture, it uses the concept of the cabinet N.O.W. and has a range of accessories and equipment for the kitchen: removable trays, baskets, cutlery and functional aluminum drawers, over the same integrated appliances.

Its modularity is tending to infinity, adaptable to any space and customizable in color sequences.

The decision to hide the technology of kitchen appliances and design retains the essential features of the product, and also creating a seamless integration between the kitchen and living environment.

Stylish and modern kitchens

Contemporary taste for the kitchen Mood by Scavolini, design by Silvano Barsacchi, a type that responds successfully to new rhythms of daily life.

cucina scavolini modello mood
This kitchen boasts linear spaces without boundaries. Made with opening modes (undercounter frames, chassis and under-the central belt, handles), with a variety of materials and color range of the latest trend, Mood is a vast project that meets different tastes, full of new ideas and elegant solutions.

The customization provides, in fact, infinite solutions. Were also introduced curved elements (a closet, the peninsula with curved door opened, the roof terminal) that give a strong personality to the kitchen. Just as the color gloss, here aubergine and gray Tundra, shades of great trend.

For those wishing to venture with curved lines and strong colors.
Other versions show the careful continuity between the decor of the kitchen and the living area.

The availability of new items for the living room and versatility of autonomous elements of qualified design, in fact, enables a variety of solutions for every need. The details are as accurate as the chosen finishes, they are available also for the sides.

Stove: a spaceship

Ernestomeda wants to offer a surprising proposal.
Its kitchen Solaris is a light and free standing island in Corian®, which can accommodate around it multiple functions simultaneously.

cucina Solaris ernesto meda
Solaris has a modern shape and tapered: the fairing undercounter is entirely of stainless steel, while the diffused and soft light irradiation is provided by the lamp, with opal glass screen and mounted on a tubular rod steel.

On the facades are housed the switch for the lamp and power outlets for small appliances. The tubes for the gas, the water inlet and outlet and the cables for the power supply are accommodated in a modular and flexible structure in stainless steel, that is not perceived at the sight.

The kitchen includes a box on four wheels with drawers/ drum covered in Corian®. A proposal certainly out of the ordinary, but of great impact.
For those who are looking for something new .

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