Modern Nutcracker

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The Nutcracker is a very popular kitchen utensil during the holidays, which was declined several times in form and color by designers and planners.

Modern Nutcracker
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

menu There are some items that never go out of fashion. In the kitchen, on the contrary, there are always new ones. To perform delicate operations, to make life easier for those who are in the kitchen or to decrease the time and effort of certain processes. Tools such as the garlic press and the potato peeler & Co. are not so frequently used objects but to pull off at the right time.

On the same genre are nutcrackers, which, in the collective imagination has had and continues to have a reference to music, dance and theater, thanks to Tchaikovsky.

The nutcracker is a particular object that has been declined in many ways respect to the traditional form, by designers and planners. It ranges from very curious objects, to simple and stylized, very modern lines.

Modern nutcrackers

normann copenhagen Among the most popular modern nutcrackers in the design world, there is definitely the version by Normann Copenhagen, designed not only to crack nuts, but also other kinds of nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts. Created by the team of designers Ding 3000, this tool is made in aluminum and silicon: the first part is perfect for mashing, while the second, silicone, coat the outer surface and allows a comfortable and secure grip.

Even the brand Menu in the catalog has a modern and beautiful nutcracker. Designed by Bruno Christesen, the object is elegant and easy to use: just, in fact, put the nut on the stainless steel plate and keep covering it with the rubber dome. The operation ends with a tap on the dome, which allows you to slip and break easily the dried fruit of your choise, even if very hard. The nutcracker by Menu can easily be purchased on Made in Design, 49 EUR.

It's called Nut Cracker the nutcracker created by Vacu Vin, a unique and original item, with ergonomic handles and a zipper, perfect to not have to use too much force to break the nuts. The bottom is also designed to serve as a tray.

Again, Vacu Vin offers a whole range of accessories for the kitchen, perfect for decorating and always having on hand the right tools. Curious, for example, is the pineapple peeler, the kiwi peeler, the tools to collect the sprouts, etc..

Nutcracker for children and adults

astro nut For young and adults, however, is thought the nutcracker Nutcracker proposed by the great British online store Suck Uk. A product designed by the artist and designer Matthias Zschaler, who imitate the features of a small robot. Carved in wood and finished with bright colors, is designed with a hole in the center, where to insert the nut to crush, you tightened with a nut and a screw to turn with strength and break the shell.

Cute as a Christmas gift, it is a safe object, which can be also an alternative activity to entertain the kids.
Still on the subject children, here's Astro Nut, a nutcracker made of synthetic material that resembles in this case an astronaut. The little space man crushes quickly and without too much effort, even the hardest shells. By the same house, there are also other curious objects for the kitchen, such as tea filters, bowls and salt shakers, always with imaginative and colorful shapes.

nut crackerThe nutcracker by the Italian brand Legnoart, reminds of a vase for flowers; it is included in the collection Spicy 2013. Designed by Frederick Arquint, the nutcracker Corylus is placed in a porcelain vase with handles that stick out and that remind, from far a small plant. In the same series, there are also other accessories for the house and kitchen, as juicer, scissors, trivet, all with a design played on the ambiguity of vegetation.

Finally, studied on a squirrel features, is the nutcracker proposed by the kitchen utensils brand Excelsa. Available in both red tones and in the aluminum version, the squirrel is designed just to break walnuts as it was really doing it with its teeth. It is enough to move the tail. It is nice also as a Christmas gift, or as an alternative to the classic Nutcracker, for the inevitable dried fruit at the end of the meal during the holidays. The squirrel Excelsa is also combined with the Reindeer version.

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