Open-plan kitchen

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If the kitchen is the hub of the home's activities, where do also homework with children or having a fast dinner with friends, the plan kitchen is the best solution.

Open-plan kitchen
Arch. Maria Leone
Arch. Maria Leone

Before buying a new kitchen you must have a clear idea on the model that best suits our needs, not only in terms of space but also lifestyle. If the kitchen is the hub of the home's activities, a place where also do your homework with your children, then the best model for you is the plan kitchen.

What is the kitchen

What is a kitchen? This is a cooking characterized by the presence of a Progettare una cucina worktop, place more or less at the center of the environment, which can be an island, if free from all sides, or if instead peninsula free only by three. The work surface can be used in different ways depending on the needs space: in fact it can be used for a quick meal and informal as well as for a nice Sunday breakfast, as well as plan for real work. You can also customize the island - or peninsula - organizing the best space for storing pots and pans that different, as you know, is never enough.

Tips for a functional kitchen

In this case, the kitchen and living area almost merge to create a single environment whose main theme is the conviviality: the central block, an island or peninsula for a variety of uses, can be wood or steel, and often with undercounter lighting. If the choice falls on the peninsula, it would be appropriate to place it along the axial continuity with the dining area, so as to have a more homogeneous.

It should then treat with care the lighting in our kitchen, making sure to place the spotlight in a functional way: Do not forget that in the kitchen carry out activities that require a good deal of light. Good locations may be at the center of the fridge, on the sliding doors of the pantry and of course the center block.

New American-style kitchens

Yara di Cesar Start of proposing Yara Cesar , kitchen with a distinct functionality and minimalist design and simple: the variety in finishes is also a strong point of this model that may be required in teak, walnut, oak or yellow pine termocotto brushed. There is also the possibility of achieving the elements of the kitchen, as well as in a wide range of lacquered, also in innovative silk finish for a new unique tactile sensation.

Meeting and multifunctionality are the sources of inspiration of the program proposed by Megan Stosa Kitchens : the aim is to create a kitchen environment in harmony with the people who live day after day. This aim is pursued through the use of innovative materials and innovative design solutions that look with attention to ergonomic principles.

Prisma di Toncelli Cucine For fans of high tech here Prism Toncelli Kitchens : a concentrate of high technology set off by a special design featuring prismatic shapes. The kitchen, lacquered and island, made of cast aluminum and black glass, is modular, so it can be organized according to specific space requirements, and presents original hidden handles that are a feature of the product. The work plan is interactive touch screen - made by Samsung, a specialist in high-tech tools - with Internet access: there is also a lunch swivel, you can request a base to hold the tablet.

Certosa di Snaidero Lovers of traditional style will find very interesting the kitchen Certosa proposed by Snaidero, an Italian company of the most popular that certainly needs no introduction. The idea is to recreate the warm and cozy image of the kitchen once reinterpreted on a decidedly more modern through the use of harmonic lines for cherry wood panels that combine well with the solemnity of the model that has finished, to choice, Botticino marble, Carrara marble and stainless steel. A special attention was dedicated to enlightenment: a rack, available with or without hood centerpiece, will illuminate the whole area of the island / peninsula.

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