Original accessories for the kitchen

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Colourful, stylish, but also practical and useful especially cheap: here are some accessories and tools that can not miss in your own kitchen.

Original accessories for the kitchen
Arch. Maria Leone
Arch. Maria Leone

Kitchen accessories

Tower of Pasta di Black+Blum Imagination and creativity in the kitchen walk hand in hand with accessories and tools, then, the chemistry between form, color and function is particularly effective.
So here's a little useful and original news.

Among the most interesting at the international level in the context of product design, the quality of which has already been recognized by numerous awards achieved over the years, is the creative team composed by Dan Black and Martin or Black + Blu , in collaboration with Moroni Gomma, they design and offer items that can improve the environment around us, thanks to a winning combination of functionality, design with a strong personality and prices.

To contain the spaghetti in a dry place, the company offers a ceramic container with cork called Tower of Pasta, whose forms recall clearly one of the most famous monuments of our country, the Pisa Tower, as well as the famous tower, also the container is slightly leaning. The circular grooves in the inner side of the cap allow to dose immediately up to 3 portions.

High and Dry di Black+Blum High and Dry drainer is a highly functional and contemporary design inspired by the architecture: the shape is beautiful but also functional because the tips that are hosting wet dishes and glasses, if unused, can be folded so as to take a very little space. The drain tray has an ingenious spout that lets you choose whether the water should be drained or not.

About containers, I do not know if it's just me but it seems to me that they are never enough, especially in the kitchen in front of cupboards and drawers overflowing, it can be an alternative way to use tin cans of different sizes to keep on display on a shelf in your kitchen. Caps, rubber bands, toothpicks and whatever else will be able to find a place in some box choice from a wide range offered by Maisons du Monde: those that recall the product packaging Americans of the sixties will give your kitchen a touch of shabby chic.

Are you planning to have a casual drink with friends? Embellish your buffet with this set of twelve for toothpicks aperitif with base designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito for Guzzini, a company that really needs no introduction: each element, made of plastic, is different in both color and decoration.

Tools for the kitchen

The success that a bit of time in this part shall recover the numerous cookery programs has made known to us the existence of the profane tools which until a few years ago we did not know they existed. Did you know, for example that in the market there is a silicone sheet sized to make sure that your dough fits into the pan? It is of course washable and back sizes from a minimum diameter of 15 cm to a maximum of 37.5 cm or to a maximum width of 48 cm to a maximum height of 36 cm. It can be purchased online at D-Mail.

Affetta Melone di Tescoma Soon the line proposed by Tescoma, a leader in the industry, provides a set of tools that allow a kitchen in a workmanlike manner with remarkable convenience and time savings: it belongs to this handy Melon Slices, made of stainless steel and durable plastic, that allows you to make a snap operation that usually takes much longer. Just place the tool on the fruit, press down firmly and slice it, finally equal to each other, they will be automatically separated from the pulp: you can also wash it in the dishwasher.

Here's a quick and easy way to clean the salad: Meliconi proposes Dryer, a convenient spin salad in transparent PVC with a hole in the lid that allows the introduction of water, wash and spin-dry the salad and finally drain the dirty water through the spout. The presence of the hole allows the container to also become a practical pump dispenser for liquids. The colorful cover of washer-dryer is available in different colors, all fluorescent.

What's better than a good cup of coffee for breakfast? If we could dose it perfectly into the pot without having to clean the shelf would be even more comfortable. Meliconi Blob offers a practical dosing coffee in bright colors made of lithographed metal: it is adaptable to any type of coffee maker, just turn the knob to dispense the right amount of coffee.

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