Outdoor built-in kitchen

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Project designed for outdoor built-in kitchen. Framework ceramic wall tile floors, movable wooden containers and living with corner bench.

Outdoor built-in kitchen
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Outdoor built-in kitchen

In this article I will talk about my project on freehand drawing, a built-in kitchen for outdoor. On the terrace of the attic, in close communication with the volume inside the living area with sloping ceilings.

A brickwork solution, with terracotta tiles, ceramic and decorative painting on the back wall - cooking. Effect all wood for the front and for the outer bench corner.

Built-in kitchen on the terrace, global view


In my graph, we can see how the design for a built-in kitchen on the terrace of an attic was resolved, with a living room with sloping ceilings.

LAVORO MURO CUCINA FASE 1 The idea of creating a real outdoor kitchen, has sprung to fully exploit the space of the terrace, where it was placed a simple stone wash, in marble, for the entire length of the wall.

The first design choice was to give a continuity between flooring, coating and protection of the walls.

Choosing a porcelain tile of size rectangular, earth-colored, as it is visible from the photo on the right, which is a phase of the implementation of finishes and fixtures.

In the foreground is the window- door through which you enter to the kitchen inside the attic, which is well lit thanks to the large window with transom opening.

You can see inside, in the shade, the installer for installation of the fixture of the living room, which looks to the other side of the terrace.

A passageway - corridor outside, visible on the right of the image, communicate the two portions of the terrace.

The front part of which I speak to you about in this article, will be used as a built-in kitchen and living corner for the outside space; while the rear of the terrace will be organized for sunbathing.

Outdoor kitchen wall

PARETE IN MATTONI CUCINA ESTERNO From the enlarged detail on the side, let's see what it looks like the new cooking wall in brickwork: all in terracotta tiles 10x10 cm, the so-called dots, a shade warmer and more pronounced than in the floors and walls.

The existing shelter has been renewed, transforming it into a tubular structure in metal, fixed to the wall by brackets, and covered with plates of laminated spruce, on which are layed Portuguese tiles.

The work surface is equipped with double ceramic sink and a gas hob in stainless steel: equipped with built-in barbecue in lava stones and cast iron.

In the storage under the top there are movable containers, equipped with wheels with locking brake: consist of pull-out drawers.

Besides the function of containment for the cooking area, such movable containers, may be useful as service carts, for the accessories of the table. While the compartment sink is at sight, but protected by a curtain in vinyl fabric.

FOTO SU MURO In the two vertical walls of masonry to full height, was added a pantry closet with two doors made to measure.

The fronts of the closet and of the storage furniture are made of walnut wood treated with several coats of primer, paint and finish, in order to confer resistance to atmospheric agents.

Extra detail: illuminated by a large copper sconces, a mural ceramic floor tiles from Vietri, to represent a seascape, as we can see in the picture even during construction. And the kitchen wall decorative dimension gives a Mediterranean style.

Outdoor Dining Area

Here is shown the outdoor living area, which as you can see from the picture, turns out to be easily accessible from inside the dwelling. The dining table is composed of a rectangular table in solid wood boards; extending, if necessary, to accommodate up to twelve people.

A casual and comfortable corner bench, to define this outdoor dining area: the whole in iroko wood, which typically has high resistance to water contact, and thermal shock.


It was therefore created a built-in kitchen for outdoor, spacious and compact at the same time, as well as offering a large containment.
A fixed space for outdoor cooking, with a stove in lava stones, that serves as a built-in barbecue; but with the advantage of having an extended work surface side.

The project has transformed the existing washtub with a simple marble shelf in an equipped kitchen wall with decor effect.
Thus obtaining a functional outdoor kitchen, and in close communication with the kitchen furniture in the attic.
Always ready to organize a barbecue with guests outside: a living space on the terrace, in full freedom and conviviality.

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