Rocking kitchen

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Kitchen built into the structure of an old rocking chair. Top tiled and shelves within the trestles in solid chestnut. For a free-style kitchen.

Rocking kitchen
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Kitchen made on a rocking chair

dondolo sul mareThis time I want to tell you about an outdoor kitchen, inserted into the structure of the old rocking chair, no longer in use for some time.

The rocking playmate of our childhood that we are sorry to throw away; so why not turn it into a supporting structure for an original outdoor kitchen?

Rocking kitchen for outdoor

In this article, therefore, I am talking about how to give a new function to the good old rocking chair; instead of throwing it away, we try to give it a new identity and use.
From my realistic freehand representation, here is a picture of the result of this unusual metamorphosis: from rocking chair for relaxation, to an equipped outdoor kitchen.

It was a rocking twin chair, or two-seater; with structure in solid chestnut. Its large size - 2.50 x 1.30 meters approximately - have allowed us to develop the bold idea, which is to include a particulrae outdoor kitchen complete with everything.

cucina a dondolo

With a comprehensive glance, we note the context in which is placed the rocking-kitchen: no longer in the midst of the garden, what was its original location, for the fun of everybody in the garden.
Now it is located close to the wall that extends from the outer perimeter wall of the dwelling, where before it was inserted only a simple washtub.

This wall, being perpendicular to the facade of the house, is the backrest to the work area of this rocking kitchen; it is also the external demarcation between the sleeping and the living area. In fact we see in the background, beyond the wall itself, the opening of the window of the master bedroom.

While the outdoor cooking area so created, is located in a corner with access to the kitchen inside the apartment; through a glass door, and a small tilting top opening, which improves the ventilation.

To then create a correspondence between the two kitchens, internal and external, which is a step in & out, very convenient to carry out the various operations of preparation and cooking.

We note also that the exterior wall-backrest, is tiled in diagonal arrangement, in porcelain stoneware terracotta effect, very suitable for the outside; and the same type of stoneware terracotta effect, are the floors, to create a material continuity.

In this makeover from rocking to kitchen, the old wooden structure with three easels was preserved, treating it with water repellent protective coating; as well as the existing upper canopy, waterproof fabric creamy yellow. While the interventions that will enable this transformation from old rocking chair into an outdoor kitchen, are described in the following two paragraphs.

Washing area in an outdoor kitchen

Here is framed the area used for washing, in the rocking kitchen. First of all, to make the supporting structure stronger, I thought to include iron rod painted wood tie rod, fixing them within the stands at a height of about 120 cm from the ground.

Higher up, a shelf along the entire length, chestnut wood shaped like a grid, will assume the function of dish rack, and cabinet for crockery. At 90 cm from the floor, a tiled top Vietri ceramics, serves as a work surface, being fitted into within the stands.


In such a tiled top, was built-in a ceramic sink with two bowls and drainer, which has been linked to the connections of the old washtub. Below the top, a painted iron rod, is the stick curtain rods, curtains undermount for two delicious, horizontal bands of fabric, two-tone yellow and white. In this way, the sink area, may be organized with containers for separate collection.

In the background, a driveway bordered by palm trees and boxwood, and illuminated by lanterns at twilight, leading to the bottom of the property. While in the foreground, we see the outdoor dining area, consisting of a circular tiled table, with metal base, combined with chairs in solid chestnut wood and metal.

Cooking area in the rocking chair

cucina a dondolo From the enlarged detail on the side, here framed the cooking area of the rocking kitchen.

Here the shelf grilled top, acts in addition to wall unit for the support of dishes, also as a support for the attachment of a glass appliques nut shaped, that illuminates the work plan.

A hob in white enamelled steel, with five burners with fish poacher side; gas powered, by means of a cylinder undercounter.

Behind the curtain is positioned a locking cabinet on wheels; in solid chestnut, with pullout baskets, useful storage cupboards.

We note a small tiled shelf, a third bridge between washing and cooking, the interlocking rod fixed to the structure of the center stand: for the support of jars containing herbs and spices to flavor foods. While on the right side, the rod structure, will also act as coupling to the necessary cooking utensils.

To close the entire structure of the rocking kitchen, a roller blind, vertical two-tone yellow and white, which intersects with the design horizontal bands instead of the curtains under the top. This roller blind may also be closed only at the level of the top, by means of the coupling knobs, fixed on the three pillars of the trestles; otherwise the tent may go to the floor, with the automatic lock limit.

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