Rollaway modern kitchens

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It can happen to choose a rollaway kitchen as a matter of limited space or organization of a multi-tasking environment or just for aesthetic reasons.

Rollaway modern kitchens
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Kitchen and living room together

Cucine moderne a scomparsa: open space Why hiding the kitchen, the whole or part of it, especially the working area? It can happen to having to do it because of a limited space or because of the reorganization of a multifunctional space.

It could also be a purely aesthetic choice, especially in the case of kitchen and living part of an open space. Let's see some model that provides solutions of a secure and technologically innovative visual impact.

Sliding elements to hide the kitchen

The most traditional case is obviously the one in which you find yourself having to furnish a single room for two distinct but complementary functions: open plan with kitchen and living room. It does not happen only in the apartments of the type of studios or apartments, but also in the larger types.

In fact, while in the first planimetric systems (one or two rooms) confined spaces are to conceive in a multi-function way and then to quickly manage the transition from one function to another, in the second case the solution of the hidden kitchen is, as we have seen , an aesthetic choice for those who do not like to share space or prefer the relaxation function of the living than the more operational of the kitchen.

Cucine moderne a scomparsa Haran, Met
A kitchen model that lends itself well to this type of setting is Met or Metropolitan Future Kitchen, by Aran Cucine. This kitchen was designed to meet exactly the requirements of flexibility to adapt to all the moments of the contemporary daily living.

It is at the same time practical and functional as well as aesthetically impeccable, once closed after use, which is done with a simple click of the scroll that allows the cylinder block to make room for an operational area and a snack area fully equipped for every need.

Once the time devoted to the kitchen, in all its phases, has finished, with the same ease of another click you slide the top and the environment returns to take on the appearance of a neat and comfortable living room.

Cucine moderne a scomparsa Haran, Met It is important, of course, the role of automation in the design approach behind these solutions. In this case, a mechanism based on safety sensors that controls the closing movement of the top does not occur in the presence of objects, for which the process in these cases is immediately stopped.

In this regard Aran has received CE certification for safety in the workplace at home. The free-standing block of Met, in a perfect blend of harmony between the lines, shape, materials, and accessibility (cit.) comes safely to best solve all the typical functions of the kitchen in a situation of limited space, without having to why give up anything.

Kitchen hidden in the closet

From the block of bases hidden in the closet. It's called TU23 the system cabinets made by Rossana to be inserted into any composition and kitchen model company. It is designed to contain an element wildcard in an elegant and functional way all the functions needed in a kitchen that you do not want to reveal on the outside, in an open space.

Cucine moderne a scomparsa: Rossana, TU23
The design of TU23 allows you to be able to add even in the case of kitchen restyle already present in the house, which you want to change the structure and impact, perhaps because you demolish a wall divider and has created a unique environment with the living room.

This elegant cabinet conceals a fully functional kitchen, complete with everything, and is available in different sizes in height and in width, according to a modular system to incorporate elements with standard sizes available on the market, such as, for example, bases container for appliances collection.

Cucine moderne a scomparsa: Rossana, TU23 The external locks, doors with a thickness of 23 mm, can be doors, flush or recessed, fitting well in this style of furniture possibly already present in the same environment. The finishes are variable and range from glossy lacquered or opaque to the essences of various types of wood.

The interior fittings are different, the cabinet Met is extremely rich in functional accessories: shelves, drawers, backs equipped with any optional depending on the size of the module available.

Technological solution for a rollaway kitchen

Ä Kitchen is the new kitchen model for the future, very near, born from a collaboration between Stosa with the German brand Häfele a worldwide leader in the technique of hardware.

Ä Kitchen is a smart kitchen, suitable to furnish the most modern houses, a true hero of the environment, which helps to transform, according to the different needs and times of day, in full compliance with the new standard in contemporary living, based on the concept of space multifunctional aesthetically appealing.

Thanks to sophisticated sliding electric mechanisms, the oven, the dishwasher and the sink disappear behind double doors covered with a chamfer of 45° in order to conceal from the guests everything needed for the preparation of the dinner served without the hassle of having to fix at the moment dirty dishes and other accessories.

The motorized electric system ease the accommodation of the cooktop below the top which, sliding, becomes a comfortable snack top for 5 seats.

Furthermore, with the simple gesture of pressure on a button triggers the lifting mechanism that allows electric plates and glasses of exit from the island kitchen, revealing a rational way to exploit otherwise inaccessible spaces in depth with such ease.

Again: the pantry are retractable and wall units are equipped with electrical opening, so that each action in the kitchen is simplified to the maximum, even when both hands are occupied with the glasses to store, for example. The finishes are typical of the best Made in Italy design, trend, including varnished oil for the foundation and finishing glass material concrete columns and wall units, together with steel satin hooves, the openings in the throat and the top matte black Fenix 2 cm thick. The back is super comfortable, bright and equipped with a magnetic holder iPad.

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