Shabby Kitchen

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Realistic interpretation freehand cooking Shabby romantic. Fantasy expressed by lived woods, in pastels shades. The result: a sweet atmosphere.

Shabby Kitchen
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Shabby Style Kitchen

I present to you a project of mine for a romantic shabby kitchen. The term shabby, sloppy literally, was introduced in 1980 by the magazine The World of Interiors, indicating furniture and furnishings in general, worn and damaged by time.
This is not antique, they are fornitures with a past in the typical pastel colors; and with their imperfections, they evoke a sweet ambience of yesteryear.

And when it comes to Shabby Chic, we mean worn - refined, that is made shabby by a statement of restoration, or wood stained to art, thanks to a technique that reproduces the effect ruined and faded.

Kitchen Shabby Romantic


Here is my representation of a Romantic Shabby kitchen, including pastel colors and furniture of yesterday, interpreting the philosophy of the already experienced, worn down by time.

I imagined a French Provencal-inspired cuisine, with shades of colors ranging from ivory lacquered wood furniture worn, the walls in pale blue and ivory, to fabrics and flooring in a delicate lavender.

The texture choices, they start from the floor, which has remained authentic one, ie grit mixed marble, dominated by shades of white, gray and lavender.

For the walls of the kitchen, I thought, a coating of wood paneling, made of vertical slats of pine, up to an height of about 160 cm; this covering wooden wall, like a paneling is finished in its upper part, with a wood frame.

In order to give the worn effect, ie the Shabby Chic, the wooden staves have been painted with one coat of acrylic paint in ivory, letting the essence of the underlying wood show through.

Above the wooden paneling, stands out on the walls a nice tone of delicate blue, applied with the technique of sponging, creating shadows, tone on tone, and even the wall takes on a deliberately dated aspect.

In the foreground a lived round table in ivory lacquered oak, with typical and familiar chairs in the countryside, in the same wood; in contrast, the walls and the ceiling of the lunch corner, are in a warm white lime, finished with a natural wood frame, in line with the wood of the whole kitchen.

The fridge free-standing, is topped by a corbel in oak, shaped at an angle, which has two moldings, gendarme's hat style, giving a soft and decorative effect.

Washing corner in a Shabby Kitchen

CUCINA SHABBY ZONA LAVAGGIO The angular corbel, accompanies and underlines the washing area, clearly visible in the enlarged detail on the side.

You notice a first base drawers, with white ceramic knobs; then a corner sink base, provided with two wooden pelmets, to hide the sticks of the two fluttering curtains in lavender color fabric.

Next, a base with a flap openinge, where is placed in the dishwasher.

The white marble top, welcomes the recessed sink, ceramic ivory, which refers to the lining of the back slats of wood.

Below the corbel above, two wall units cabinet, in wired glass tinted, which are connected by a corner shelf, where we see some colorful cans.

Below, a dish rack, in shaped wood and on the other hand, a wooden shelf with bar wrought iron, for storing and hanging accessories for cooking.

Shabby cooking area

In the subsequent enlarged detail, we see the protagonist kitchen area, with the touch of décor large masonry chimney hood, painted chalk white, with a gable gendarme hat, that has a nice ruffle mauve curtain hanging on it.

CUCINA SHABBY ZONA COTTURA A backrest in white ceramic tiles, connects the hood to hob in stainless steel, cast iron burners, which rests on a base deeper than the others, designed to enhance the work top, and give greater importance to the cooking area.

This cooking top, has a compartment that give the effect home lunchbox, where I pictured a tray of cookies, and then a tallboy below.

Then there is a base with two drawers, and a column oven finished in ivory enamel, spirit of old-style, on which are placed small appliances. Upon completion, a double hanging showcase coping with the wavy-shaped, in tune with the movement of data from the pediment of the hood and the corbel corner of the washing area.

All fronts of this kitchen are made of oak, painted in lacquered ivory color, with a subsequent treatment of staining, to give the worn look.

For lighting, a special suspension with multiple lights in staggered dimensions, made of ceramic, with special oak wood, remind the first lighting systems for indoors, usually fitted with rope and external controls in ceramic, wall-mounted.

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