Shaped kitchens

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A very particular type of kitchen layout is that with worktop shaped so as to make quite enveloping the layout itself, in the cooking and washing area.

Shaped kitchens
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Linear kitchen? No, thank you. The charm of shaped kitchens

Snaidero: Skyline There are many types of kitchens, depending on various finishing materials, different modeling of the doors, different design. You can also have  many combinations available, with the result of custom-made product, thanks to the intersection of various components: different colours,  glossy or mat surface finishing, different types of wood, smooth surfaces or with inserts,  with or without handles.

There are, above all, different kitchen layouts, from the linear to the angled one, there are  islands or peninsulas, all of them to be designed according to a precise design of the plant and to your liking.

A very particular type of kitchen layout is that with shaped worktop  so as to make  enveloping the composition in the  work area dedicated to cooking and washing.

In addition to the extreme functionality of a  so conceived kitchen, it is, very often, its aesthetics to hit. It is in fact important the idea of having everything within easy reach, as well as to do as little movement as possible  during food preparation. At the same time it is also important  the vision of worktops, cabinets and work areas  designed so as to create a niche.

Enveloping kitchens: the kitchen with wings

Aiko: Wing

Let's consider the unique design of the model  Wing, by AIKO, probably the first company to  create a style which is still current. Wing, thanks to the wing-shaped cabinets, in addition to create a particular effect, ensures up to 30% more room gained  to store in your  kitchen, taking up  the same space on the wall as other models do.

Aiko: Wing Like all new generation kitchens Wing also provides various  options to customize your own kitchen, while maintaining the same basic concept of layouts. It is also possible, as shown in the picture, to propose the typical island - layout, right  in the center of the room, with the possibility to include, on the rear panelling,  a little work top  for breakfast or for organizing , perhaps, a more intimate dining area .

It's called Iko the kitchen by Vismap company born to meet young customers' requirements,  available in many colours.  The characteristic of Iko is the door profile made of ABS aluminum color 3D, in contrast so as to define the design of the  glossy or mat laminate doors.
Vismap: Iko
The colors available are  60, both for  doors and worktop, to realize with the same surface finish, always with ABS edge 3D-colored aluminum, as well as the panel to be applied to a wall and provided with slide bars on which  various accessories run, to be used during normal  operations in the kitchen.

The typical layout for this model is the one with the  symmetrical block with wings and round sink and hob, as well as  round is also the small but functional terminal table, called little mouse, that serves as a dining table, made of aluminum colour stratified laminate.

Enveloping kitchens:  rounded design

Snaidero: Skyline Softer shape for Skyline, Lucci Orlandini Design, one of the top models by SNAIDERO company. Even in this case the worktop surface is shaped so as to adapt itself to the body by following its movements, but in a soft way, with rounded corners.

The handles are rounded and wave shaped, too,  as well as the  multifunctional shelves  applied sideways on the cabinets, so as to  solve the problem of the aesthetic side view, completing them in a beautiful and practical way.

Ergonomics and aesthetics come together in this model through the best way possible, from the design of the worktop to theSnaidero: Skyline upper closure of the kitchen layout, which provides, without any interruption, a great corbel containing hood. All this work space is closed as in a niche, thanks also to the concept of the rear panelling equipped with many accessories, and  realized in  various materials: inox,  laminate, stone, in continuity or in contrast with  work top.

Skyline is not only for Vismap:Nicole  blocked symmetrical layouts, but you can also customize your own kitchen by inserting the shaped worktop surface on one side, to act as a terminal piece. This would be the ideal solution for kitchens rooms having a particular plant, such as in case of open space toward  living room to connect smoothly kitchen and living, or to solve angled kitchen, too.

Nicole is the soft version of enveloping Vismap kitchen, with MDF lacquered door in 24 mat and glossy colors, plus 4 metallic colors.

As you can see from its classic version with the block finished on both sides with round cabinets and round wall cupboards, Nicole translates into a sinuous, elegant and minimalist way the latest concepts of ergonomics and functionality. More locked as concerns its layout, if compared to previous models, it meets requirements of those who seek for a peculiar round design  Vismap:Nicole ,  definitely not linear, but at the same time reassuring, with symmetries and  round lines, to enclose surfaces and volumes.

In wide spaces, for those who dare, Nicole lends itself,  with stratified laminate worktop, to be designed in plastic compositions , where the angle is softened by the presence of  curved cabinets and wall cupboards..

Post: Shaped kitchens
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