Stackable kitchens

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The stackable kitchens allow you to prepare at best with the solution that best fits the size of your kitchen.

Stackable kitchens
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Why choosing a stackable kitchen

The kitchen is the room in your house where you spend the most time, not only because it is where the family gathers, but also because the food preparation and tasting, represent for Italians not only the satisfaction of a need, but a real passion and a moment of conviviality.

Cucine componibili: cucina con angolo vetrina For this reason, the kitchen cabinets should be such as to make the place practical and functional, equipped with every comfort that allows oneself to devote himself to the culinary arts, but also nice to receive friends.

The fitted kitchens fully meet these requirements, because they allow the designer to develop with the evidence available to the configuration that best fits the size of the kitchen and the requests made by the customer.

The stackable kitchens can be tailored by skilled artisan firms, able to exploit to the centimeter also the small-size spaces, or also structured by the designer according to the supply of the furniture industry, in the field of kitchens, offers available sections of different sizes to be adequately adapted to every need.

Stackable tailored kitchens

The kitchens that are custom made are certainly the best choice especially in environments with special characteristics, such as the presence of non-angled corners or recesses and niches in the walls, which can be exploited and that from being a problem and become instead a plus with pieces of furniture designed to hoc.

Cucine componibili: cucina con cassettoni We must not forget that a basic standard height, of approximately 85 cm, can be little convenient to use, especially the sink, on the part of people of height above or below the average, so a customer can also request a height of the cabinet, which meets in a more functional way, from the ergonomic point of view, his specific anthropometric characteristics.

Arredi e Mobili is a company that designs and manufactures, thanks to the collaboration of skilled artisans, tailored stackable kitchens that meet the demands of the most discerning buyer, whether the kitchen to furnish is large, and also if we have do deal with confined spaces, without sacrificing comfort and attention to detail.

The kitchens are made of wood, masonry or wood and wood and faux masonry, in different styles ranging from classic and rustic, to Arte Povera to more modern styles.
You can ask for a free survey to make the metric survey of the environment to be furnished and receive a quote of costs.

Stackable kitchens of industrial production

As we said earlier, the current industrial production can accommodate, in the field of kitchens, the most particular needs, because the furniture units are realized not only in the standard size, 30, 45 and 60 cm in width, but also in other measures on demand, and also with different angles from 90°, as well as in some cases it is possible to choose hanging wall units of different heights from the standard.

Cucine componibili: Dolcevita chic Wide range of customization is offered with regard to the finishes: of a specific model of the kitchen, for example, you can choose not only the essence of the doors and the finish (lacquer, gloss, matt or with special characteristics), but also the material and workmanship for the top and the appliances, that you can choose among models of different brands.

Arredi e Mobili work in partnership with some of the largest kitchens manufacturers, as Lube, Aran, Astra, Lyon's, Axis, Home and Arca, chosen for its excellent offered quality - price ratio.

On the company website you can review the manufacturers' catalogs in PDF format, choose your favorite model and get a free project and a cost quote, sending the layout of your kitchen.

Stackable kitchens in classic style

When it comes to kitchens, it is assumed that it is modern kitchens. Instead, you can enjoy the convenience of modularity, though to furnish your house you prefer to use a classic or rustic style.

Cucine: cucina classica

Arredi e Mobili, for example, can participate with the customized service of their carpentry, where industrial production fails to arrive.

Cucine: dettaglio classico In kitchens proposed by the company, made in quality wood, such as oak wood, you can find notches, mounted bosses to copy the perfectly matching grain of the wood in an artistic design, pilasters and capitals, decorated in gold leaf or silver.

But in addition to these solutions, of great aesthetic impact, the Classic stackable kitchens do not give up details and accessories of the latest generation, which makes it practical for everyday use.
There are also plenty of closures amortized drawers and doors, scenic hoods and convenient tool compartments that allow you to keep your accessories always in order and close at hand.

Again furniture and distributes furniture kitchens at competitive prices and reliable brands such as Home, and Lyon's Axis.

Where to go?

Arredi e Mobili designs and manufactures three generations not only stackable kitchens, but all the pieces of furniture for your house, such as cabinets and walk-in closets, children's bedrooms, bathroom furniture, bookcases, bedroom furniture. And also: doors, windows and tailored stairs.

The company avails itself of the collaboration with the best carpenters craft in the area of Rome and the Castelli Romani, and with architects and interior designers capable of providing tailor-made projects, cared for and original.
It is also available to repurpose furniture products from other selected companies.

Cucine componibili: Arredi e Mobili Furnishings and Furniture

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