Stone or stone effect hobs and sinks

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Dedicated to those who love traditional sinks and hobs, as much well integrated as possible with the worktop, perhaps in stone or stone effect.

Stone or stone effect hobs and sinks
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Not only steel for the hob

Dedicated to those who love the traditional hobs, with burners and grills, gas-powered but with aesthetics as much as possible integrated with the worktop, so as to be or seem, at least, as being part of a single surface.

Stainless steel hob on granite worktop There is, in this respect, not only the solution of hobs made of stainless steel and about which I have spoken extensively in other articles, although the steel remains one of the best materials, considering some of its characteristics such as its being hygienic and non-toxic, which is why it is the main material for professional kitchens in restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

Although it is very popular in modern compositions, not everyone will love its cold impact , typical of professional kitchen, exactly, and especially you do not like the fact that it needs constant maintenance to keep intact the shiny look.

Above all, then, in the classic or rustic kitchens the use of steel does not go well, at times, with the appearance that one wants to give to the composition, in relation to the rest of the interior decoration.

In these cases, then, almost always one chooses a worktop made of materials such as wood, laminate with wood or stone effect, synthetic materials, quartz or natural stones. And what about the appliances?

Stone hob Pramar Stone. Concept Red Verona marble

Problem rises at this point about the finish of the hob and the sink, which are not always perfectly coordinated with the worktop, if not as a material, at least as aesthetic effect.

Pramar Stone , in this regard, solves the problem by producing marble, granite, natural stone and porcelain tile appliances , so that they become a single piece of furniture with the worktop.

Pramar Stone. Granite Flat To those who will ask questions on the conduct of these hobs in a so high temperature area, I tell you now that all the technical innovations in this sense have been tested and patented, to guarantee reliability of a suitable use product.

Also cleaning operations are facilitated thanks to special surface treatments and a protective special kit for the maintenance and restoration in place.

Concept, the collection of oval hobs with 4 burners, is the first born among the Pramar Stone. Fusion: Vision Botticino models of Pramar Stone project. It is the ideal solution for worktops of the same material, and is realizable in 2 thicknesses: 4 or 6 cm.

The worktop can be supplied by the company, too. Concept fits well with models of vintage or classic kitchens. There are 6 types of stone: Black Slate , Carrara Marble, Botticino Marble, Rosa Perlino Marble, Shivakashi Granite, Rosso Verona Marble.

Flat is a collection of rectangular hobs with 5 burners for those who love the modern or contemporary style with its clean lines, while the Fusion line is characterized by the clearly shown dashboard in two versions: Vision and Creation.

Pramar Stone. Fusion: Creation, Black Slate Philosophy is the latest of the collections of hobs by Pramar Stone, made of porcelain stoneware, in line with the latest trends in the coatings. It comes in two lines and different finishes to meet the most varied demands: Mood line and Essential line, the first is shimmed mounted on the worktop, while the second is mounted to be flush with worktop.

Also interesting is the ability to create your own personal solution through the configurator available on the company website, easy to read at home in order to define a possible composition to turn directly to the company for the then technical and commercial details.

Granite material effect sink

Unlike stone hobsBlanco. Silgranit sink, Sand, it is usually easier to find on the market stone sinks, industrially produced, as well as hand made, too, in the traditional way, because the specifications and instructions for this element are different.

However, if you want to have a sink with the effect of the stone but with the most innovative features that guarantee Blanco. Silgranit sink the best performances without problems on the surface appearance and, especially, that does not serve a special maintenance, then you should go for products made of composite materials.

The sink Silgranit by Blanco , for example, is made of a material consisting of 80% from natural granite and for the remaining part in acrylic resins combined with ceramic elements and colored pigments.

The result which emerges is that of a very elegant product thanks to particular colors and design but, above all, the superficial silk effect is very pleasant to the touch and gives a sensation wich is very similar to that caused by stone.

Blanco. Silgranit.Blanco. Silgranit.Blanco. Silgranit. All this adds to the technical features that make this product easy to clean, resistant to scratches and bumps, heat resistant up to peaks of 280°C, non-toxic and therefore suitable for contact with food and acid and light resistant.

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