Store in a kitchen

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How to better organize the preservation of food supplies in a kitchen by using modern systems and traditional protection of hygiene and functionality.

Store in a kitchen
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Hygiene and functionality to better preserve

The kitchen, is one of the places where hygiene and organization of the spaces, require the maximum planning commitment, in order to avoid a number of malfunctions that, with time passing, can affect even the health of those who live in these spaces.

For those who use the kitchenIl progetto di una moderna cucina continuously, and have little time for the necessary activities that must be carried out in it, it is essential to optimize the work that has to be done in the kitchen.

The use of the word work, should not make you smile, because on my opinion the functional organization of the kitchen, and especially the management of all its parts in a practical and hygienic way, involves a big commitment.

Among the various activities that are carried out in the kitchen, the storage of food supplies, it is of paramount importance.

The preservation of Un esempio di conservazione tradizionale food supplies, is a delicate task to be carried out with method and rationality, in order to preserve both the safety of the place from the hygienig-sanitary point of view, and the functionality of each part of it.

Hygiene is the most important thing to ensure in the kitchen for the preservation and protection of food supplies; granted that we should have take care of this problem, when purchasing the products, paying attention to expiration dates and the conservation status of the wrappings.

If we focus on the amount of supplies that often, because of poor preservation or of a storage place not located where it would suit the nature of the food, is thrown away, there is a greater need not to neglect the problem.

Why should we preserve well

If an unespected guest should enter in your kitchen, he would certainly know where to find food like milk, cheese, fresh meat, etc.., because their status of perishable goods, they require to be stored in the refrigerator.

Una dispensa ricavata in una parete But the situation becomes more complex, if not impossible, when you need to search for the location of non perishable stocks, like pasta, flour, sugar, legumes, etc.

This happens because all what does not look perishable, is stored in the most disparate and not always in the same containers, for the only purpose of taking up those scraps of free space they can recover.

This condition of things has two major consequences: loss of time, waste of money and I would also add moments of great nervousness with the result of giving up the search of the product that we were looking for.

You can fix this situation regardless of the style and the type of kitchen you have; in fact, if you are about to buy a new kitchen, the advice is to give equal importance to the fridge and cupboard for food where to store what is less perishable.

Ways of preservation

Un moderno sistema scorrevole per spazi ristretti A column cupboard, even in confined spaces, manages to contain all the weekly supplies which needs a normal family, in a practical and safe way.

For those who do not have or can not afford a new and modern kitchen, but already have generic furniture, you can take a series of very useful shrewdnesses to preserve the stocks in a safe and tidy way.

According to the container that you have, it is good to store the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top; in the same way we will behave with stocks which have a different degree of neatness, placing dirtier ones at the bottom.

All that is then based on the family habits: what is most used, is placed in the easiest to reach places, taking care of dividing the different components into logical groups, for example breakfast, products for the oven, etc..

The choice to employ containers with a theme by using simply boxes, is very useful. You can write on the boxes, on evident labels, such as, for example, products for cakes, small pasta, etc..

When possible, it is good to use for deep and narrow spaces, pull-out systems, which are not only useful to allow to take out the supplies, but also to control them completely.
L'inserimento di un comodo contenitore in un mobile esistente
If you have more space, then give preference to cupboards, which open fully, putting immediately into evidence all the products, thus simplifying the choice.

In addition to all the measures suggested for a proper storage of supplies, it is necessary to ensure the conservation status of the container that will host these stores.

First, regardless of the constitution of the cupboard, you should check the integrity of the container.

So whether it is made in a compartment wall, or composed of removable parts, you must ensure that its structure is free of cracks, of even the slightest bumps, able to encourage the development of harmful small animals.

If it is necessary, maintain within a minimum air exchange, it is possible to insert a cooling fans, providing a shield with suitable net the rear part of the round hole, in order to avoid unpleasant intrusion.

Keeping tide and neat inside the cupboard, helps not only to improve the liveability of the kitchen, but saves money on food shopping, avoiding double purchases, as well as preserving foodstuffs from malicious attacks of insects and more.

Post: Store in a kitchen
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