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Tea is an ancient ritual and a drink spread throughout the world: a time to interpret, through teapots full of character, personality and design

Teapots design
Martina Pugno
Martina Pugno

Tea drinking, a habit always present!

With a teaspoon of sugar, a squeeze of lemon, a few drops of milk: drinking tea is an ancient and global tradition at the same time a totally personal to decline to suit your taste.
There are endless types of tea and as many variants of accessories to taste it.
When teapots meet the design, the experience of pure relaxation and pleasure of the palate becomes even more rewarding.

Fans of tea and design lovers know well: a teapot is not only a useful tool, but also an element of determining the atmosphere that involves this solitary or convivial rite.
In short, the choice of the teapot also reflects somehow our personality and tells much about the way we live this relaxing and enjoyable ritual.

Teapot design Beka

Discovering the roots of the ritual of tea

Tea is a beverage widely known and it is very difficult to trace the early history up to its origins.
However, it is to Japan that we look when we make reference to the tradition more rooted and important in society.

It is in this charming Eastern country that tea consumption is through a real ceremony with a sacred character.

Impossible, for lovers of this drink to remain indifferent to the charm of tradition. That's why cast iron Japanese-style teapots continue to exercise great fascination on us, albeit reinterpreted in a more modern way, such as the teapot Nung by Beka.

Teapot Nung Beka
The typical texture of traditional Japanese teapots and the big handle blend perfectly with the reinterpretation of form, which is edgy and allows large capacity.
Ideal for drinking tea in company, this teapot is characterized by a further touch of light thanks to a bright red lid.

If, instead, you are a purists of the Japanese tradition, you can not avoid to fall in love with Teapot Oolong Beka, completely faithful to the past.
The considerable weight of the cast iron teapot is balanced, in terms of practicality, by the large handle and by the possibility to contain the tea intended for many guests.
Inside, the practical filter can infuse the tea leaves without them spreading and being poured into cups: faithful tradition combined with maximum convenience.

Teapot Oolong Beka

A touch of color and warmth...

A totally different approach characterizes teapots Eva Solo, able to meet the needs of the most vibrant and tables reconcile perfectly atmospheres country and a modern taste traits blatantly pop.
They do this through materials of yesterday, according to the revised design today here is that the teapot back to dress, with colorful woolen caps.

The teapot My Big Teapot features large capacity, extreme ease of use and a look that does not go unnoticed: the colorful strips of wool cap make the object a great example of design to brighten up the table.
Without sacrificing comfort: the teapot can be washed in a dishwasher, while the hood can be machine washed without problems.

My big teapot design Teapot
You can buy the teapot My Big Teapot with covers in various colors, with patterns that recall the typical winter sweaters here is that the object immediately recalls a warm and friendly atmosphere, perfect for getting warm winter and adapting it to the tables classics and other tones more lively and informal.

The taste of the contemporary

There are opportunities to discover tea as a beverage totally modern, to be served in minimalist and avant-garde design containers. With this in mind Wearevessel proposes a series of clear glass teapots characterized from shapes.

Simple curves which also hide great harmony and evoke the elegance of a swan: this is the concept of the teapot Ball, designed as a monolithic structure in which the handle, teapot spout and merge into a single form.

Teapot design Ball
Cup and teapot instead become a mirror of each other in the proposal Bag, reinterpreting both elements highlighting the common traits. The handle reminiscent of those bags, the teapot becomes a vase from the spout just mentioned.
It remains a single protagonist, sole and undisputed: tea, strictly selected with care.

Teapots design Bag Wearevessel
An example? To make the most of the aesthetic potential of the transparent glass teapot, we recommend the use of herbal teas brightly colored, or tea with flowers that open gently, as if they were blooming, during infusion.

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