Tips for choosing your Luxury Kitchen

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Luxury kitchens make us dream: among the various brands there are also names of great fashion houses that can be chosen to furnish your home.

Tips for choosing your Luxury Kitchen
Arch. Caterina Scamardella
Arch. Caterina Scamardella

Luxury kitchens for dream homes

Among the luxury furnishings we previously discussed, there are some kitchens that sometimes can cost as much as a custom-built one. That's definitely true, but those kitchens make us dream.

The kitchen is the fulcrum of the home and if we choose luxury furniture, this environment is one of the most suitable to become the ambassador of this style.





Luxury-kitchens-have-minimalist-or-classic-aster-luxury-glam lines

Luxury-kitchens-have-minimalist-or-classic-aster-luxury-glam lines

Luxury-kitchens-have-minimalist-or-classic-aster-luxury-glam lines







The luxury kitchens are characterized by precious materials and refinement.

A custom-made contemporary kitchen

Bringing luxury into the home does not mean seeing sequins all over your furniture, but, instead, to use the type of materials and technologies as well as the classic forms that are in some cases revisited in a contemporary key.

In the kitchen, which is a room, as we all know, where functionality plays a great role, and choosing one becomes a very complex moment that can become easier thanks to the skill of the craftsmen and some of the large kitchen companies.

Avola luxury kitchen by BinovaAvola luxury kitchen by Binova

For this reason, more than in other environments, custom-made kitchens are the best choice because these kitchen satisfy every need and they are the best solution to reconcile practicality and beauty.

It is about understanding that comfort and functionality are essential in a home where you have to live in and that what we often see in magazines does not always correspond to what we need in our every day life.

High-fashion luxury kitchens

In the field of luxury design for furnishings, there are also big names of fashion houses that have created their own collection, bringing into it the elegance and refinement that distinguish them.

Fendi SCIC kitchen Kurkum modelFendi SCIC kitchen Kurkum model

Among these fashion houses is Fendi, the Roman luxury house, which has formed a partnership with Scic Italia for the creation of its collection of Home Professional super-luxury kitchens.

The end result is an avant-garde and artisanal product with the use of refined materials and technologies.

Fendi luxury kitchens

The Kurkum model is characterized by a rather masculine style, with rigorous and technical materials. In particular, the stainless steel finishes that make it very contemporary are made in the Gun Metal finish, which gives it greater resistance to scratches.

Kurkum detail by FendiKurkum detail by Fendi

The top and doors are made of satin Peltrox, with a vintage color and an elegant satin finish. The doors are also defined by Titaniox treated with antacid.

Fendi Ginger in collaboration with SCICFendi Ginger in collaboration with SCIC

The Ginger model, on the other hand, has a more feminine shape, softened by Calacatta Oro marble and Copper Bronze metal.
Elegance is found in the absence of a handle and in the inclined design of the top, as well as in the perfect harmony between the various materials: marble, Canaletto wood, steel, glass.

Ginger Fendi's detailA Ginger Fendi's detail

The refinement can be recognized in the amazing attention to detail.

The most beautiful luxury kitchens

In addition to the proposals of the fashion houses, there are many companies that focus their production on luxury furnishings and in particular on luxury kitchens.
Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Brummel luxury kitchens

First of all, we definitely must mention Brummel which among its collections has several elements ideal to furnish a luxury kitchen in the best possible way.

Jewel luxury kitchen by BrummelJewel luxury kitchen by Brummel

Jewel is a versatile and functional collection, extremely customizable thanks to the precious materials used. The structure is metallic and is wrapped in wooden essences that follow minimalist lines. The metal handles become a characterizing sign that enhances it.

Classic cuisine Marmolà by BrummelMarmolà classic kitchen by Brummel

More classic lines, on the other hand, are those of Marmolà, also customizable, custom-made for each customer and, above all, for each need you may have. The Marmolà kitchen has light colors and steel finishes. Precious materials, like marble, are the key for a more refined look.

Binova kitchen

Binova offers luxury kitchens with very contemporary lines.

Among these is Avola, a model made up of rigorous lines and embellished with marble, wood and stone that envelop the entire structure of the black aluminum frame. This model can also be customized according to the style of the house in which it is integrated.

Vogue Metal 4.0 luxury kitchen by Binova
Vogue Metal 4.0 luxury kitchen by Binova

Another model of Binova kitchens is Vogue Metal 4.0, which is part of a collection that revolves around the concept of open and communicating spaces, in which every other piece of furniture revolves around the L-shaped column wall, which is places between the kitchen and the living room.

The island of this model is closed by doors and is characterized by vertical cuts as an opening system and by the oxidized lacquered finish, as well as an amazing top that allows conviviality without barriers.

Tessarolo luxury kitchens

The kitchens offered by Mobili Tessarolo are also very high quality: one of the best choices for luxury furniture for your kitchen, living room and office.

Also in this case some kitchens have very essential lines, others propose the classic ones, reinterpreting and updating them.

Alisia 1 Top by TessaroloTop Alisia by Tessarolo

Among the more modern ones is the super-luxury model Alisia 1, which features a very peculiar island, with a backlit top that takes on the whole scene, as if on a real stage.

Prestige kitchen by TessaroloPrestige kitchen by Tessarolo

A contemporary model with classic-style elements is Prestige, with white lacquered doors, interspersed with the steel of the appliances and marble top and the splash guard.

Everything is perfectly framed by classic-style pilasters that take us back in time.

Faoma's luxurious kitchen

Faoma is another leading company in the production of custom-made luxury furniture made in Italy, mostly with a classic taste.

Faoma classic custom kitchenFaoma classic custom kitchen

An example of a classic kitchen is this one we see in the photo, in light colors and embellished with marble tops.

Faoma Helvia wooden kitchenFaoma Helvia wooden kitchen

Helvia has more modern shapes and a wooden kitchen characterized by an oval ebony table with a glossy black frame.

Aster kitchens luxury glam

We cannot fail to mention Aster Cucine which creates kitchens of great impact.

Aster kitchen Luxury GlamAster kitchen by Luxury Glam

An example is Luxury Glam, with new materials and colors, but lines that recall classicism in a stylized way. Various types of finishes, handles and accessories make it customizable.

minimalistic kitchen by Aster AtelierCucina minimalista Aster Atelier

Aster Atelier is a minimalist kitchen with simple and essential lines, with lacquered doors and without handles. The columns can also have glass doors that allow a glimpse of the contents and enhance the elegance of this model.

Outdoor kitchen by AtelierOutdoor kitchen by Atelier

Another very interesting kitchen is Outdoor, created precisely for the outdoor areas, using very fine materials and with a minimalist line that makes it suitable for any situation.

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