Wi-fi pot and other accessories for a house always connected

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Soon on the market the first wi-fi pot: an app will allow us to start cooking, set the temperature and have a meal ready when we get back home.

Wi-fi pot and other accessories for a house always connected
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Wi-fi pot: the connection helps us to prepare dinner

The potentials and the scenarios that already in many cases have become reality in terms of everyday devices that can be controlled remotely by using the wi-fi were, until a few years ago, unimaginable.

Today, on line appliances, accessories and equipment for the home, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the garden, like wi-fi coffee makers, shower speaker and alarm systems always connected, allow us to live an everyday life often facilitated by the immediacy of the service.

The beauty of this technological process and evolutionary, based on studies and research, is being constantly evolving so, already well ahead we learn of prototypes that will soon be marketed and which are based on their free wi-fi.

A very curious example of this evolution was the presentation to the world of the prototype of a pot that by adopting the wi-fi, allows us to have a good ally in the kitchen.

Pentola Crock-Pot Slow Cooker WEMo Smart Belkin
It was in fact presented in Las Vegas the Crock-pot, wi-fi pot that could revolutionize the way we cook.

This pot, a saucepan apparently very similar to those used up to now on the stove at home, has been designed and engineered to be set and controlled directly from our smartphone or tablet, even when you are out.

The CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show, is one of the best known events followed by technology enthusiasts, one of the most important fairs of electronic consumers in the world, and is held once a year in Nevada, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Among the many new products introduced every year in preview, shows the new products manufactured by the companies in the world, before they can be found in stores, because they are not for sale yet.

Among the proposals of 2014, it was the pot Crock-Pot Slow Cooker WEMo Smart Belkin was certainly one of those that have attracted the attention of experts and consumers, who have in fact already started dreaming of being able to have one at home.

Pentola Crock-Pot Slow Cooker WEMo Smart Belkin
The pot of the future Crock-Pot WEMo, always connected to wi-fi, promises professional performance with a special built-in device if on leads immediately to the wireless network at home or in any case the environment where you intend to use it.

The users, by downloading on their cell phone or smartphone tablet the appropriate application, which will exist for both IOS devices and Android systems, will be able to turn it on at a distance, by deciding the starting time and the cooking duration, the setting of the temperature of preparation and, when finished, it will be turned off.

Applicazione per elettrodomestici wi-fi Belkin
With the pot, of which you can understand the operation and make the purchase on the web site Crock-Pot.com, you can cook the dishes you want even when you are away from home because of the work or otherwise engaged in other activities.

The only commitment of the chef, will be to prepare the necessary and leave it in the pot before he leaves from home.

This product is a real revolution for those with flexible hours, working outside and often with no time to calmly prepare a meal for himself and his family.

The wi-fi pot will be ideal for long cooking at low temperatures such as main dishes such as roasts and stews of meat, chicken and side dishes of vegetables and legumes.

The baking may even be terminated at a distance with the app, with the result of a ready flow, only to be served on the table when back home.

For the realization of the prototype of the wi-fi pot, Belkin has teamed up with a company that specializes in smart devices, Jarden.

Small appliances and lighting connected with wi-fi

The company Belkin, some time very much geared to the realization of a number of household products connected to the network, the collection WeMe, also announced other new features to serve always the best house of the future and its inhabitants.

At CES were launched another four products: a coffee maker, Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Brew Coffeemaker Smart Optimal WEMo, which prepares it to be ready when we wake up, a system to warm the rooms of the house, a humidifier and an air purifier.

Coffee Mr. Coffee Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Brew Coffeemaker Smart Optimal WEMo Belkin
The peculiarity of these versions of accessories and appliances already present in our kitchens and home, is once again the connection through wi-fi.

The company also launched a series of bulbs connected, on sale now and available for purchase as a kit.

A system offers the possibility to connect up to fifty lamps to each other, so that you can manage the entire lighting throughout the house, automating their power on and off.

Kit luce wi-fi Belkin
It will be possible thanks to a control software that allows different switching, even in the absence of the owners to give the impression of an inhabited house, and gradually in the power of the light source, more or less dim.

Post: Wi-fi pot and other accessories for a house always connected
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