Changing users: tips

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Any advice on how to navigate the chaos of the move, the change of utilities, bills and provision of basic services, such as gas, electricity, water and telephone.

Changing users: tips
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

When facing a move one of the most complex things to sink is not the logistics but the bureaucracy.
Electricity and gas are essential and, often, are the first to address the needs of even small jobs of adaptation and finishing.

Be dealing with forms and forms is not easy and is perhaps the key selection criteria.
Of course, each case is something in itself. However, there are main types that can be identified.

New connection

It is, after all, the simplest situation but also, normally, the more onerous.
On the one hand, you are completely free to choose between different suppliers, but it is always exposed to the connection costs.

Regarding the latter, the Board is to evaluate the perspective of the overall service offered: you can tolerate an activation cost too high, then provided that the service provided is reliable and economical.
On the contrary, it can be expected that saving the costs of connection, then you are struggling with problems of service or higher costs for current usage.

This criterion can be useful in the choice of the service provider, which, in this moment, is not absolutely easy.
In case of a new connection, in fact, there is no viscosity with respect to the previous supplier, but it is really difficult to navigate through the jungle of offers.
The level of service offered is usually enough, but we must try to make the greatest possible account of their needs, so as not to come with unsuitable products and related pricing issues.

Took over the counters closed

In this case the situation is already more complicated.
The house has been provided by the services that you require, but the previous holder, leaving, has canceled the utilities.
Counters, so they were closed and the house has neither electricity and gas.

In this situation, the easiest thing is to always ask for the reactivation of previous suppliers.
When waking up the counters and service delivery can be obtained, with a comfortable, evaluate alternative solutions.

Perfecting a delivery in progress

Even in this case, as in the situation in the preceding paragraph, it is convenient to maintain the supplies to be then, possibly change them calmly.
For what concerns the operations to be performed, now, for the most part of suppliers, you can proceed via internet websites and / or call center.
Of the two alternatives, normally, if you have quite clear ideas, the site turns out to be significantly faster.

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