How to move a piano

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The weight and fragility of the wood and the inner workings of the piano make the move operation a little 'criticism, but overcome by appropriate design features.

How to move a piano
Arch. Sara Martinelli
Arch. Sara Martinelli

pianoforte a coda Moving a piano is a task far from easy. He also noticed when in a Laurel and Hardy film had to carry a piano store housing the buyer, especially when it came to drag it on top of a staircase.

The main problems are due to the size and weight of the instrument. To get an idea, an upright piano, to be placed on the wall so to speak, can easily exceed 200 kg, a baby grand is about 350 kg and finally a grand piano comes over 500 kg.

These features, together with the value of the materials and the fragility of the internal mechanisms require methods of transport is not random. In fact, a simple inattention could cause damage to the instrument and also to your home.

The simplest case which may occur is the need to move the piano from room to room of the house. If you are strong enough and cautious, you can arrange for this situation without contacting specialized firms. More complex however is when you move into a new home, or when you decide to sell the instrument. In these cases it would be better to avoid the normal removal firms and search firms specializing in the transport of pianos or safes, which will have a specific equipment to be used for these objects.

Moving the piano from one room to another

As the first rule avoid drag the piano by sliding directly on the floor, even though it is equipped with wheels. The risk is that you let the bad signs. Worse still is the case of parquet flooring, since it is a soft material and the weight of the piano distributed on wheels cause of the grooves on the slats.

coperta Prior to any movement, evaluated the 'lightening of the instrument. For example, if it is a grand piano, removed the legs, which will also allow you to carry it turned on its side to pass through the doors.

Get yourself then of old blankets and let them slip under the support points of the piano. At this point, at least two people will take care to slide it slowly on the floor together with the blankets. If individuals are two, one of these will get before pulling the blankets and direct the path, while the second will be placed on the back to push.

Moving the piano from a house to another

Moving outside, with the complication due to any thresholds or stairs to overcome and abrupt climate change, certainly requires more professionalism.

Remember that wood is a material that is particularly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Accordingly, during the transport will be necessary to create constant climatic conditions which prevent the wood to warp.

furgone The 'ideal relative humidity for transport should be between 45 and 65% and the temperature between 15 and 19 ° C. So it would be appropriate to make the move in between seasons and rainy days not. However, depending on the season and weather conditions, inside the van for transport will be good to put a humidifier or dehumidifier. Some specialist companies have vans specially insulated and equipped with a stabilizer of moisture. In this way you can also make moving from one city to another and in the summer sun.

When the technicians will travel to your home for the move will take care of the first 'relief piano all those parts that can be removed. Next, will provide its packaging with a special shock-absorbing material, well protecting the most sensitive points, such as corners.

Generally you are having the most difficulty in overcoming stairs. To remedy this problem, technicians will use the instrumentation most appropriate based on the situation that presents itself. There is for example the possibility of use of slings for special load to shoulder the weight of the instrument, or of the slides.

There is also a special tool robot, the Pianoplan , which will avoid a lot of effort to transporters. But we must verify if the size of the scale allows its use.

The price for moving a piano through specialized firm is not fixed and is affected by the difficulty of the course and distance. However, for transport within the city starts from 180 euro.

Piano tuning and cleaning of

interno pianoforte Once you move, you will need to call a technician to retune the instrument. And finally, you have to worry of cleaning and then finally enjoy it in its new frame. Be careful not to make their own independent decision to clean the inside, because there the wood is not protected and could cause damage. Internal cleaning, if it is necessary, will therefore be entrusted to a specialized professional, which will also decide on whether to temporarily remove the mechanics to simplify the work.

tasti pianoforte Instead you take care of yourself outside surfaces, cleaning them with a soft, slightly impregnated with a solvent-free detergent solution. Place the cloth on the surface and make circular movements without pressing too much. Pay particular attention to the keys and try not to moisten the sides.

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