Moving and forwarding mail

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There is a convenient service of the Post, thanks to which those moves may require the redirection of mail to the new address: see how to apply.

Moving and forwarding mail
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

When you make a move the problems are very many: there are not only all the hassles related to the movement of its material effects, due to stress and fatigue, especially if you make the move to autonomy, but also all the problems related to difficulty of operation for the change of address.

If the advent of cellular telephony issues of access to the phone has been largely overcome, however, remains that of the mail delivery on hold.
In fact, when you are about to change domicile, one of the first requirements is to communicate the change to all entities with whom we have relationships bureaucratic, but this does not eliminate the problem of the correspondence has already been sent, not to mention that you can not forget some secondary reference.

Service delivery at

Italian Post Office provides a useful support to solve this problem, with the Follow Me service, which allows you to get to the new address all correspondence sent to the old one.

The service for individuals and companies, active in Italy, allows the redirection of mail to the new address for 3, 6 or 12 months, but may be renewed as many times as you want.
The forwarding of correspondence begins on the date indicated by the applicant, but not before 5 working days of the request.

Follow me can be used to relay Priority Mail, Registered Mail, Registered and Insured Mail 1, but is not valid for packages, parcels and postacelere the telegram service.
The judicial acts, however, are forwarded to the new address only if the transfer took place within the same municipality. In fact, the legislation in force (art. 9 Law 890/82) provides that in the case of change of residence in another municipality, court documents are returned to the sender.

In addition, the service can be activated:
- To mailbox;
- In the case of transfer to 'foreign;
- With the option Dimmiquando no extra charge.

In the event of transfer, however, is excluded forwarding of registered mail and insured, of judicial and subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals.
The service Dimmiquando, however, allows you to receive correspondence only on a certain day of the week, according to the applicant, so the mail remains in storage at the post office until the day on which it is expected forwarding address indicated.

Follow me back to the service, it can also be requested only for mail to signature, as registered and insured, and also in this case, you can add the option Dimmiquando no extra costs, but this option is only valid for Italy.

With this service you can also choose to deliver mail from a person specifically delegated to receive it.

To have an 'idea of the costs, we can say that the service for the private life of annual pay as little as 27 euro: so this is a very affordable cost.

How to activate the service delivery at

The Follow Me service can be activated by going to the post office, or via the web.

In the first case it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form and return it together with the required documentation.
It consists of the non-certified copy of an identity document and a self-certification.

The application form can also be delivered to the door by a person delegated the task, but it is required to show his identity card in original, along with the above documents and delegation.

To make the online procedure, however, you must first register with the site
You will receive in this way the login credentials (username and password), in which log in and access the application.
Here, once you have chosen the service you require, you will get a simple form, in which they are already following personal data of the applicant and in which you can just enter a few other details such as the duration and the beginning of the service and the new address to which you want to receive mail.

Mode via the web but can not be used in case of direct mail at PO Box or Recommended resubmission of documents containing tax.

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