Useful Tips for packing in removals

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Any advice on how to organize the first phase of a move, with boxes, packaging and impacchettamenti, to make it easier to transport the objects.

Useful Tips for packing in removals
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Life often requires us to change.

One of the most frequent, given the changing needs of work and family is becoming the move.

There are people who now face a move with ease and those who live this experience as a little drama.
Especially for the latter, there are companies that deal with the matter, following every aspect: from 'packaging for transport.'s Solution might be optimal, but it certainly is the most expensive.

In fact, with a few tips and good will, you can save some money and make your life easier in the equally delicate phase of the installation in the new house.
First you need to find the boxes.
The best solution is almost cubic boxes of at least 50 cm from the side.
You can ask shopkeepers neighbors that it must be undone, or go to DIY centers and buy new ones, suitable for the operation.

The number of boxes, of course, varies according to the quantity of objects to be moved, but it is critical not fill them too much or too heavy (the carton is not very durable and very heavy to move a box dramatically increases the risk of damage to the objects that are inside).

In general, carriers require weights less than 20 kg, but it is a threshold not too difficult to achieve, especially if in the process of packing, using the bubble wrap.

The classic plastic air bubble, in fact, allows to protect the more delicate objects, to be packaged one by one with sheets of newspaper, however, taking a lot of volume, so in the end a box ends, normally, to contain no many things, although well protected.

Still on the subject of delicate objects, on the boxes dedicated to them, it is better to affix the fragile written in such a way as to make universally known that the content should be handled with care.

We are talking about writing is not bad to make a packing list for each box in order to make much easier the research phase once the move. The risk remained years without finding that particular thing ...

That remains is to seal the tape and you're done.

About the tape one advice, if you intend to entrust the transport couriers use a plastic version neutral, ie no special marks, and place the paper tape as a seal on the sides taped.
This trivial trick will allow you to verify the integrity of the neck and immediately file a theft.

For transportation from place to place so many factors come into play and it is practically impossible to give advice, however, this configuration can provide packing or yourself directly or entrust everything to specialized companies that will ensure your items arrives in to the new domicile.

Post: Useful Tips for packing in removals
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