Baseboard heating

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The system of baseboard heating is a simple and minimally invasive system, ideal for a comfortable environment and organized in small size.

Baseboard heating
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

During the winter season, especially in areas with cold climates rather the plant that is most used is the heating system. The types of systems are the most varied, from radiators to stoves, fireplaces, and there are also those who have floor heatingsystem, which constitutes one of the most common heating systems, especially in newer houses. Another type of heating in buildings is represented by baseboard heating.

What are the advantages and what involves the baseboard heating systems

Through the baseboard heating systems you can transform a complement of furniture, as it can be a trivial baseboard, in a technological system that allows the diffusion of heat in parts of the house that would otherwise be inaccessible, so as to be able to heat up even the coldest corners of a particular room, within which it would be difficult to reach using a common heating system.

battiscopa termico The heating baseboard heating systems are classified as environmentally friendly by the green building, because of the way it is done and because of its operation, it is able to save in terms of energy, while helping to solve the annoying problem of reclimbing moisture within the premises of the houses.

The baseboard, from being a trivial piece of furniture, becomes a technological object in which are installed copper pipes and metal parts. Its environmental friendliness is increased when its operation is connected to a solar panels system and a solar thermal system for domestic hot water.

Thanks to this system the heat is diffused by radiation towards the walls of the rooms. The principle on which the operation of the baseboard heating is based, is the usual heating system, only on a much smaller scale, within these micro copper pipings hot water flows. This heat that comes from the liquid and the baseboard, which is heated by it during the transition, spreads in a manner very similar to the diffusion in the case of solar radiation in the environment and is then propagated through the walls.

This principle for which the heat is transmitted from the baseboard to the walls by radiation is related to a physical phenomenon, through which the energy expressed in the form of heat that comes from the baseboard heat reaches the walls multiplied by four times, is then transferred to the environment, allowing in this way a greater heating, with a limited use of energy.

These heating systems are classified as radiant systems. Choosing a system of this type results in an improvement of the quality of the perceived heat, as it becomes enveloping, as it involves the whole space, this aspect is very important because in this way the heat reaches our body in a uniform way at every height, something that does not happen with other heating systems.

The baseboard heating systems have an important advantage, that is not to be bulky, their installation is in fact quite simple. These systems can be used as the sole source of heating in the house or can be combined with radiators, but to create this combined system you must study the plant and the apartment, because sometimes it is not so easy to realize it.

Another note in favor of the baseboard heating systems, is that they have the ability to solve the problem of damp walls. This system allows to completely dry the walls from the excess of moisture in the walls, but managing to maintain a correct rate of moisture within them.

battiscopa termico One possibility that offers this type of heating system is that it can be recessed within the walls, both for aesthetic reasons and of space. The space factor is considered predominant for such a choice, as in baseboard systems it is a very important aspect to consider, in fact, these thermic baseboards can also be used in rooms where there is not enough space to insert a fireplace or a radiator.

You can also adjust the temperature to your liking in each room, because many baseboard systems are autonomous.
The baseboard systems allow not to have displacements of air and dust, and that the heat does not remain uniform for all the time established.

The only downside of this system of heating, is related to the positioning of the pieces of furniture that will be placed in an appropriate manner as not to impede the effective functioning of the baseboard heat.

Some news on the baseboard heat technique

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We have said that within the baseboards are installed small copper pipes, the temperature of the water flowing inside the copper pipes can reach 45-60°C, this depends on the type of system you are using, if a heat pump or a traditional boiler. In both cases, however, for this system, these temperatures are not considered high, and are able to make significant energy savings.

The saving we're talking about is also understood in terms of saving water used for heating, by adopting the baseboard heat system in fact, are sufficient 8 liters of water to heat a room of 100 square meters.

As regards the power of the baseboard system you can choose between different solutions such as wood, methane and thermo fireplaces, or systems that do not include combustion, but that are related to geothermal heat pumps, or the solar thermal .

It is important to know that those who decide to install this system of baseboard heating in their houses will enjoy tax deductions of 50% allocated to the work of building renovation.

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