Bioenergy and biomass

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The use of biomass is one of many ways to generate renewable energy, clean energy. Now the use of this source is spreading even in domestic spaces.

Bioenergy and biomass
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Bioenergy and biomass

By definition, biomass materials are organic, vegetable or animal, but they have not undergone the process of fossilization, materials that can not be included in this category, are coal, oil and all those natural renewable sources, which are used to produce energy .

The process that allows us to produce energy is no more than a combustion, which however takes place with an energy balance of CO2 zero/ negative, then non-polluting, indeed this particular combustion process is able to produce CO2 which the plants feed of.

agroenergia e biomassa The CO2 emissions are not the only parameter to consider when it comes to bioenergy and biomass, also because the process of combustion brings dust emissions and impact on air quality, which are other elements that are part of this process but that are to its disadvantage.

One of the positive aspects that relates to this innovative way of producing energy is that the purchase of stoves and/ or plants that use biomass is accessible to everybody, just with a few hundred euro.

Producing energy from waste is the second largest source of biomass energy. The biomass can be converted into other usable forms of energy like natural gas and biofuels. In fact, the wet waste decomposing, human and agricultural waste, etc. .., can be fermented to produce fuel such as ethanol, which suitable for transports.

produzione biomassa For the production of renewable energy, the biomass can be used in a direct way, that is through the combustion for the production of heat, or in an indirect way, that means after being converted into a biofuel.

An early example of the use of biomass could be taken from the first humans who have started to harness energy from biomass by making fire from wood.

Currently this ancient practice is commonly used as the sole source of fuel for domestic use in many countries in the developing world.
The biomass is constituted by all the biological material a carbon, hydrogen and oxygen base. The wood and all the forest residues, such as dead trees, logs and branches from pruning, constitute the largest source of biomass energy. Biomass also includes plant or animal materials that can then be converted into fibers or other industrial chemicals, including biofuels.

Biomass as an alternative for household heating

Using the biomass as an alternative in the context of domestic heating is a major step forward both in terms of energy savings and concerning the environment. With the biomass is now possible to supply both individual stoves, and entire heating systems, as if it was a boiler, but without causing any environmental impact.

Biofuels that can be used, are basically classified into two major categories. We have the first-generation biofuels, which have as their source corn starch and sugar cane, etc..

The sugars in these biomass are fermented to produce ethanol, which is nothing more than a fuel, alcohol-based, which can be used directly in a fuel cell to produce electricity or to serve as an additive.

Those which are called second-generation biofuels are obtained using sources based mainly on agricultural and urban waste. These are ligno-cellulosic biomass.

Biomass and environment

biocarcuranti e biomasse An alternative in the context of domestic heating with the aim of safeguarding the environment, is the use of biomass, which allows now to be able to supply both individual stoves, entire heating systems, as if it was a boiler, but without any environmental impact.

Also because now the environment is an issue on the agenda and seeks to limit the abuse of pollutants and the use of non-renewable energy, which have now reached high prices leading to a significant production of CO2, which is entered in the environment.

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