Deagreaser for the sink

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The monobloc degreasers are ideal to be installed under the sink in apartment or single house, thanks to its small size and ease of installation.

Deagreaser for the sink
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Grease trap: what is

The fat condensation container or, more commonly, degreaser, is a specially designed container for the collection and treatment of waste water, oily, coming from the kitchens of large structures or domestic. It is normally made of concrete or plastic material and is subjected periodically to a maintenance that is emptying and assignment to special purification plants.

Its essential function is therefore, very simply, to separate the parts of fat, coming from soaps and food waste, from the water they have converged, before it is channeled into drains. All these fat parts tend over time, in fact, to harden, with serious consequences as the accumulation with obvious clogging of the pipes involved.

Degrassatore sotto lavello: Plandeg Domus, scheme
Obviously their size is calibrated based on the number of people who use the facilities/ kitchen, calculated in number of meals, whether restaurant kitchens, whether simple home kitchens. In the second case, which is what concerns us more closely, given the nature of our web site, one may want to consider apartment block degreasers, sized according to the apartments of the building, or individual degreasers, if they are positioned directly below the sink in the kitchen of each apartment.

House degreases under the sink

The monobloc degreasers are ideal for installation in places where it is not possible to obtain the grounding of these wells, as it is done, for example, in cases where they are at service of buildings in historic centers. Even more so are the optimal solution for the accommodation in the sink of any apartment or single house, with the ability to have them in size.

Degrassatore sotto lavello: Di Camillo Tanks Srl, Plandeg Domus
There are several companies that specialize in the design, construction and installation of degreasers and all are certified according to the UNI EN 1825. One such company is the Di Camillo Tanks Srl which has always been active in the more general construction of tanks for the storage/ stocking of fuel, fuel oil and other food liquid.

Specifically sector topic of this article, the company is a producer of house degreasers Plandeg Domus, to be installed under a standard sink and for the treatment of waste water that, before flowing into the public sewer, will be deprived of floating substances such as fats, animal and plant oils and also of solid substances such as sand and aggregates.

These are degreasers, or separators, made of polyethylene as regards the outer container, with a system of input and output of the waste acts to separation and decantation of oils/ fats. They are vertically installed and their operation is based on a simple principle: oils and fats, thanks to the specific weight, different than water, are trapped in the container allowing the water to flow out.

Also the installation is very simple: you insert the drain pipe of the sink in the input on the separator and connects the exit exhaust pipe. Included in this unit there are special seals that ensure the tightness of all the parts of plumbing related. A threaded plug installed on the structure allows the inspection and maintenance, which consists simply in the removal of oils after weekly monitoring of the state of deposit in the upper part of animal and vegetable fats.

The maximum height of the layer of oil must not exceed the size of 10 cm and it is recommended to fix the degreaser in the space that is as close to the waste, so that there are no obstructions, with the further foresight to create a backflow valve. This type of device is not suitable in areas with very low temperatures.

Plandeg Domus is also available online at the price of about 120.

Transportable home degreaser under the sink

Another similar product, always for the treatment of waste water for domestic use is the new separator Eco Lip 40, constructed in ABS, ideal for installation in spaces not underground and therefore also in sink cabinets. Eco Lip 40 has a lid with total opening which simplifies the maintenance. The locking hooks have the odor seal while the casing has an outlet duct for venting of biogas.

Degrassatore sotto lavello: Eco Lip 40
It was made for the kitchens of restaurants and snack bars not industrial, cafeterias, etc., but is also suitable for kitchens of individual houses. It is an optimal solution also for outdoor occasions, like holidays or festivals, considering that it is transportable and guaranteed to withstand temperatures of liquids up to 90°C.

Degreasers and regulations, the DIY that solves

We have seen how the degreasing is, in simple terms, the treatment of waste water from the kitchens to prevent the combination of fats and detergents produces obstacles due to hardening, over time, of these semi solid parts.

In fact, in Italy there are no laws requiring such treatment, at least on the whole country, while there are specific rules in this way in some regions, issued by relevant authorities, such as ARPA., City or Province. In Europe, however, in some countries there are laws requiring the inclusion of a degreasers in the kitchens sewers.

If we think on this problem, we understand how the lack of specific legislation does not take account of the real importance of this step in a more complex cycle of waste water from a domestic installation.

degrassatore sotto lavello: domo
Unfortunately we tend very often to engage in topics of high flow such as those relating to ecology and the preservation of our ecosystem, when meanwhile t would be enough to start taking action from the house- microcosm, in this sense, even with simple measures do- it-yourself, as it could be in fact, the inclusion of small domestic appliances that do not require specialized technicians or connections to the network of electricity to be installed.

In addition to the one mentioned above, it is also available on line on the website Centro Depurazione Acque the little degreaser or oil separator Domo in polyethylene, equipped with a cap for cleaning and removal of oil and grease.

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