Double sided fireplaces

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The double sided fireplace, allow to enjoy the flame from the two opposite sides of the fireplace. They are ideal for specialized renovations and design pieces.

Double sided fireplaces
Erika Casali
Erika Casali Among the various types of heating, is gaining ground, alongside the classic solutions, the double-sided fireplaces.

It is fireplaces that offer visibility of the flame on the two opposite sides, ensuring a spectacular effect.

The double-sided fireplaces, represent a unique solution to ensure the heating of the domestic environments, and not only, combining at the same time the strong demands representative of interior design.

The double-sided fireplace is a kind that, more than traditional models, creates a strong emotional effect.

Thanks to its dual opening, in fact, it can be placed in the middle of a room, located in a wall or even be used as a connecting element between the sleeping and the living area.

Operation of the double-sided fireplaces The double-sided fireplaces are prefabricated fireplaces.

They are equipped with a sealed combustion chamber, made, in general, of stainless steel.

They are called two-faced, as they offer the opportunity to see the fire, through the two opposite sides, appropriately closed by special glasses.

The operation of the double-sided fireplace provides a natural draft.

They can work both with wood and, the system most widely used, natural gas or LPG.
For this reason, at the design stage, it must be scheduled the gas pipe under the floor.

The double-sided fireplaces are characterized by being heating systems with high capacity of thermal efficiency, in addition to presenting high aesthetic and functional values.
Some models, depending on the manufacturers, use bioethanol, a source of biocompatible energy that serves to generate the fire.

Features of double-sided fireplaces

The double-sided fireplace is made of a combustion chamber, generally rectangular.
It differs from the traditional fireplace, for the type of fuel used for heating.

In the double-sided fireplace, in fact, in place of wood, is used gas and, and that is why it has the characteristic of having the flame closed between two glasses. We must emphasize, however, that some models, like Double, produced by Edilkamin provides for the exclusive use of wood.

It is a closed-faced fireplace, with a steel structure and internal ceramic material patented ECOKERAM.

The only contraindications of functioning are related to faulty installation, or the insertion of foreign objects into the inside of it.
Its weight is around 343 kg and, like all two-faced fireplaces, lets you feel the heat from opposite sides of the fireplace and so, in two different environments.
It has the characteristic to ensure a clean glass even after several days of use, and ensures high performance and low power consumption.
The hot air, thanks to the kit prepared, circulates by natural convection.

Technical specifications of the double-sided fireplaces

A good double-sided fireplace must ensure minimal external dimensions, or at least well-balanced.
The weight must be little, so that you can easily position it in different living arrangements. Another fundamental characteristic, especially if it burns bioethanol, is a good capacity of the tank.

This, in fact, must ensure an autonomy of at least 6 hours and have low fuel consumption.
Features that are common to the various types of the double-sides fireplaces are summarized in the following scheme:

- Convenience of use
- Manageability
- Double vision flame
- Low maintenance
- Excellent heat output
- Low power consumption
- Switching on and off programmable
- Accessories ceramic type wood and pebbles, supplied The double-sided fireplaces produced by Fc Group, for example, models Trimline 100 - 120t are the lengths of flame rather interesting, 1 meter to 1,20 meter.
It is fireplaces that run on natural gas or LPG.

The manufacturer certifies also the pipes, such as to place the fireplace in bedrooms and bathrooms.

The double-side fireplaces by Fc Group, have the special characteristic of being suitable for installation flush with the wall, achievable thanks to a frameless structure.
As for most of the companies of the sector, are available some decorative ceramic elements for the flame (wood or stones), designed to provide a more realistic perception of combustion.
The operation of the chimney can be activated with a battery remote control, while the control command, can be housed in the vicinity of the fireplace.
In addition, for home automation and technological solutions, are available programmable thermostats, capable of timing the eventual switching on and off of the fireplace.

When you think about the installation of a fireplace, especially during renovation, you must arrive at assessments related to the factor of house insulation, the air management and the ejection of the fumes. The double-sided fireplace Stuv 21, for example, produced by Stuv, is a fireplace compatible also in homes with low energy consumption.

It is a fireplace designed specifically to meet aesthetic and interior design needs.

Indeed it is available in 19 different colors and, last but not least, very trendy, in rust finish.
The Stuv 21, has the particular combination of one or two provisions of wood, in a lateral position, and it may be symmetrical or asymmetrical, according to the necessities of the project.

www.piazzetta.itIt is different for the company Piazzetta SpA, which offers an innovative double-sided fireplace.

With the series IG50b, in fact, it introduces the vertical double sided fireplace, while the model IG120b, follows the more traditional design, with horizontal development.

The models have a painted steel structure, with fireplace room sealed and natural draft.
Combustion takes place by means of natural gas or LPG.
The glass is a self-cleaning ceramic glass, resistant to temperatures that hover around 750 degrees.
It is equipped with remote control and programming.

How to locate a double-sided fireplace?

camino bifacciale The fireplace inside the house constitutes an element capable of creating a particularly intimate and comfortable atmosphere, and at the same time is able to perform its function of producing heat and therefore thermal comfort.

The double-sided fireplace multiplies the pleasure of time spent in front of the fireplace, because, thanks to two mouths of fire, you can enjoy and admire the flame from two different points.

From the design point of view the result is particularly spectacular because you can divide a room without completely separating it or enjoy the pleasure of the flame at the same time in two different rooms, or from two angles camino bifaccialein the same room, without losing anything in terms of quality and performance.

We can take a cue from these fireplaces to suggest some interesting design solution, but starting from the premise to check in advance whether the position of the chimney allows the possibility of using this type of arrangement.

An initial proposal may be to have the fireplace between the kitchen and the living room. In this way it becomes a sort of diaphragm, a division element between the conversation area and the dining area, and at the same time it can also be used for cooking.

A second proposal can be represented by the fireplace inserted through between living room and bedroom, so you can enjoy the warmth in the room.

Here, the fireplace can be placed in the closet wall opposite the bed, while in the living room is in the traditional position, in front of the sofa arranged at an angle.

Maintenance and cleaning tips of the double-sided fireplaces

As with all heat sources, also in the use and maintenance of the double-sided fireplaces, we must take care to proceed with cleaning of the fireplace when it is cold.

When the fireplace is in operation, it must take account of the high temperatures reached by the exhaust pipes and from the cover glass. We must therefore avoid placing nearby objects and combustible materials.

At the same time, it should be avoided to ignite the flames, with fuel products and, to ensure the perfect draft, must be kept clear the air inlet vents, of the fireplace.

Especially the cleaning of the glass, must be made when the material is completely cooled and with suitable products, generally developed, and sold by manufacturers.
In addition, it is essential not to use, for the cleaning of the smoke duct, flammable products.
Finally, the double-sided fireplace, must not be wet and must be used according to the manufacturer's requirements.
This hints at the installation, must be performed by highly qualified personnel.

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