Heating with pellet technology

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The ease of installation and maintenance of pellet stoves are some of the main strengths of such generators use the ecological pellets.

Heating with pellet technology
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

The pellet stoves are becoming increasingly as thermal generators, among the main advantages of the use of pellet stoves compared to other heat generators there are the simplicity of installation and maintenance.

il pellet è ecologico About the type of pellets, for each specific heater, the manufacturers give precise indications on the size and characteristics of reference.

For the installation of pellet stoves is not necessary a chimney but a simple hole in the wall, in any case must always be taken into consideration rules in force.

The installation of pellet stoves must be done by a qualified technician who must work release at the end of a declaration of conformity (DM 37/08).

The use of a reservoir for the pellet and the ease with which the pellets can be transported and stored, two aspects are very advantageous from the point of view of maintenance and the use of pellet stoves when compared with other types of stoves ( eg wood).

Furthermore, the pellet stoves can be programmed in a similar manner to modern boilers, with respect to which, from the point of view of aesthetics the presence of a glass that lets you see the flame constitutes a characteristic aesthetic element.

Pellet stoves precautions and maintenance

The appliance should be serviced once a year with the personnel concerned, which generally takes care service center agreement with the manufacturer of the stove. A pellet stove is often a piece of furniture and as such is in a continuously occupied by people, such as a living room. Being a pellet stove, a heat generator that operates at high temperatures, it is necessary to use it safely take a number of precautions and there are certain restrictions.

Among the precautions and prohibitions most common are: the non-use of the stove by children or unfit persons, avoidance of touching the stove when you are barefoot and with parts of the body are wet or even just damp, the prohibition to change the safety devices and adjustment without differently from the indications of the manufacturer, the avoid stressing the electrical cables of the stove even when it is not connected to the mains power supply. Do not close even partially or reduce the airing vents in the installation room (ventilation is needed for proper combustion and sized according to the power of the stove).

It is also dangerous to open the door of the firebox of the stove during operation and you should always avoid direct contact with the heater components that become hot during normal operation.

Pellet Stoves and safety

il pellet condiziona il funzionamento della stufa

As described above, the ordinary maintenance is annual and must be performed by qualified service personnel.

In any case, it's a good idea to check that there are no obstructions that may impair the proper combustion of the pellets before turning on the stove itself.

These conditions detrimental to the proper functioning of the equipment may occur after a long period of inactivity.

Pellet stoves are designed to operate in any weather conditions, but in the case of strong winds and frost, the safety of the stove it could cause shutdown. When these conditions occur continuously, the same security systems can be calibrated in a timely manner by the technicians of the manufacturers.

Finally, we describe the main and common security features of pellet stoves: the arrest of the stove after the block the fan air distribution in the room, lock the ignition of the stove when the flame is produced after two attempts, the restore ignition after one or two successive failures short of electrical power, the block of the stove with related shutdown if you reach for several reasons temperatures over the expected and normal operating range.

Post: Heating with pellet technology
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