Home burglar prices: how much it costs and how to install it

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To avoid coming home and finding it ravaged by thieves, just defend yourself by acquiring a wireless burglar alarm or traditional wired one.

Home burglar prices: how much it costs and how to install it
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Burglar alarm at home: how to protect yourself from thieves

Coming home and finding it ravaged by thieves is a shock difficult to overcome.
Suffer a breaking and entering is not only a material damage, it also have a heavy psychological effect, as it is a violation of your privacy, you feel an intrusion in your own home, considered the most intimate and personal refuge.

prezzi sistemi antifurto: ladri From the psychological point of view different reactions can be triggered. Statistically, it can be confirmed that older people generally fear more than younger people; women are more worried and anxious than men.

In any case, the exposure of any person to such events produces insecurity and fear for their safety, it is the fear of being exposed also to a physical assault.

Although the traumatic event lasts for a short time, the consequences on the individual may persist for months and even years. The obvious physical discomfort and emotional involvement resulting from trauma, adds a sense of inadequacy: you feel weak and unable to protect your privacy, you feel helpless and anxious.

To avoid undergoing such an event, which also undermines your personal safety, it is enough to defend the house in a suitable way, for example by acquiring a wireless burglar alarm or a traditional wired burglar alarm.

An English research has questioned 200 people in prison for theft, to find out what is the number one deterrent to make them desist from breaking in. The first place is precisely the alarm system, to follow is the proximity of the local Police station and finally the presence of neighbors.

Home burglar alarm: how much does it cost?

Over the years the prices of useful home anti-theft systems have lowered considerably, their reliability has increased and also the saving is guaranteed thanks to the tax deductions of 50% in force throughout 2015 (that will go to 36%, unless extended, in 2016) usable for the implementation of the security systems.

prezzi sistemi antifurto But how much does a good home burglar system cost? There are some e-commerce sites where, in addition to finding lots of useful information, you can choose the system that best meets your needs and know the price.

On the site Sicurezzapoint you can use the free home configurator alarm: just wait to receive the quote by email to easily evaluate the offer.

Today you can find on the market the best home anti-burgler system available at various prices, so you can buy an alarm system that guarantees the inviolability of the house at a cost absolutely accessible.

The price of a home burgler system consisting of a central system, 3 magnetic sensors for door or window and the alarm siren for outdoor use, start at around 199.00 euros when purchased in kit and assembled on your own, the price grows if you need the help of a professional installer.

Home burglar system: how to install it

Having emphasized the importance of installing a home alarm, we try to understand how it works.

A wireless burglar system is composed of a central system, motion detectors and a siren.

prezzi sistemi antifurto: centralina The control unit is the heart of the apparatus: it is connected to all the other components.
From the control unit it manages the alarm activating, deactivating or partializing it, or activating some areas and deactivating others.

The center is also equipped with a telephone dialer that, via land line or GSM Sim card, warns the house owner and the police in case of theft. It sends in fact a pre-recorded message to pre-set numbers.

The motion detectors do most of the work: it senses the presence of a human being within the area supervised by them, using the infrared rays that detect the thermal variation of temperature.
Alternatively you can use microwave sensors that use electromagnetic waves in high frequency to capture the movement. The sensors are set so as not to trigger the alarm to the passage of animals.

They can be installed internally or externally; in the latter case, a very viable solution is represented by perimeter barriers, formed by an active sensor and a passive one, placed one opposite to the other. They send out an infrared beam which, if crossed, triggers the alarm.

Components can connect to alarm control unit wirelessly or wired.
In the latter case you should trace on the walls the lines where pass corrugated tubing, cable ducts and wires, therefore you will need construction projects.

Wireless siren can be mounted both inside and outside, or you can have both.
In case of an alarm, it sends an audible and visual signal, which is useful to ward off intruders while alerting neighbors and reporting the intrusion to the police.

Where to go?

Home burglar prices: Sicurezzapoint To inquire about a home wireless burglar alarm you can visit the site of SICUREZZAPOINT to this web site: http://www.sicurezzapoint.com/antifurto-casa/ .

SICUREZZAPOINT is a leader company in Italy in the sale of security systems for houses, villas and shops.
In addition it offers video surveillance and remote monitoring of your house.

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