Home safety technology

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The evolution of security technology in the home requires a lot of preparation on the part of designers and installers, for which adequate training is required.

Home safety technology
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Tecnologia per la sicurezza in casa Defend the house and its occupants is an important goal, because so many are the dangers which threaten it.
We talk about the real risk of 'intrusion of malicious, dangerous for both the possible removal or damage to property of value, both for the safety of people, but also of the many risks that lurk in the possible malfunction of equipment, from flooding to fires.

Today, fortunately, we are meeting the technology, which has led to a remarkable development in the field of 'automation, useful not only for the common video surveillance of the buildings, but also to plan the most efficient use of facilities and a reduction in consumption.

Types of plants for home security

Their facility for the safety of the house can be divided into two main groups: those designed to defend against threats from outside the home and those devoted all'incolumit? the occupants.

Another distinction can be made ??in the sense of the technology used, since this kind of installations can be of the wired type, that is, with the presence of subtrack cables, or wireless, then wireless and with operation by radio, but there are also mixed systems.

But let's briefly what are the main types of the safety systems.


Tecnologia per la sicurezza in casa: sirena da esterno L ' burglar alarm system is a system of electronic antitheft that can manage, even in an independent manner, the various areas of the house or different levels. Thus, it can be activated fully or even partially, when the house is inhabited.

The basic elements making up a plant of this type are the sensors, which detect any unwanted presences or glass breakage and opening of doors and windows, a central control of the detectors and alarm.


Tecnologia per la sicurezza in casa: telecamera da esterno A video surveillance system consists essentially of a series of cameras, in the number and position required to cover the entire area that is meant to keep under control.

For added security, you can also install hidden cameras suitably camouflaged.
The recorded images are then visible on one or more monitors and may be recorded.

It 'important to remember, however, that for this type of system, it must comply with all directives properly provided by privacy laws, because you may run into severe sanctions.

Access control

The implants described above can be used through integrated systems that, thanks to the use of available technologies, such as infrared or microwave, allow to obtain coverage and overall control of the entire building.

Fire detection and gas

Tecnologia per la sicurezza in casa: rilevatore d'incendio BTE The fire detection systems and sparks, mandatory in certain contexts, show a series of sensors able to recognize, thanks to the radiation emitted by the incandescent material, the presence of sparks or the temperature rise. The device is completed with a series of circuits, amplifiers, timers and a relay output, as well as any alarm ringtone and devices for automatic shutdown.

The gas detection systems, however, have the task of detecting the presence of gas when this exceeds a certain concentration.
The number of necessary sensors and their arrangement is dependent on the type of gas to be detected, the size of the area to be monitored and on its geometry.

Automation doors and gates

Electronics now offers the ability to automate many of the processes involving the house.
Among these, the closing and opening of such accesses, which can be programmed and managed through a specific software, also contributes to ensure the home security.

Audio and video entry

Tecnologia per la sicurezza in casa: videocitofono Elvox The audio and video entry systems have evolved hand in hand with the development of housing, so that today are made using sophisticated technologies.

And 'the case of bus technology, which besides being more evolved, allowing, for example, the interconnection between multiple users of a same block, allows for greater ease of installation of the equipment.

Technology training for home security

From this brief overview of the systems for home security, it is clear how their technological evolution require special preparation on the part of designers, installers and users, not to mention adequate knowledge of the laws governing its proper use.

Tecnologia per la sicurezza in casa: sede Sicurtec SICURTEC is a young and dynamic company founded in Italy in 1997, thanks to a group of experts in the security industry and has specialized from the outset in the marketing of products and equipment for alarm systems and video surveillance.

In addition to providing services and products of the highest quality and rigorous, the company stands out for its attention to the training of technicians. For this regularly organizes events at its headquarters that, alongside a technical training have an exhibition.
In this way the technicians can follow all the path that goes from the design of a plant, the choice of components, up to its operation.

Where to go?

Tecnologia per la sicurezza in casa: Sicurtec SICURTEC is the counterpart flexible and dynamic for all the needs of consulting, design, manufacture and supply of equipment for electricians, installers, engineers and plant designers.

These plus the company:

- Immediate availability and timely delivery of products with more than 15,000 items in stock
- Dedicated telephone support
- Laboratory research and product development with demonstration installations
- Support post-sales technical specialists
- Repair service and on-site service


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