House under control

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Current technologies allow you to live in the house safely, both when you are inside and you when you are away but you want to keep it under control.

House under control
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Aiphone: JM The house is a valuable asset and it should be protected. The goods that are contained within it must be protected of course, but above all, its occupants.

The current technologies are increasingly sophisticated and allow you to live in the house safely, when you are inside that when you are out but you want to keep it under control.

Then, either with an advanced video entry system that, in addition to specific function, has also other security-related functions, and with the advanced systems that use home automation, you can also control your home remotely.

Videophone to keep the house under control

Aiphone: JM In view of the video entryphone stands out a new unit by the Japanese JM Aiphone, equipped with a camera with a 170° horizontally and 100° vertically wide angle, as well as a zoom, pan and tilt of nine areas of the image.
The Japanese brand, active for years in the international market and recently also on the Italian market, provides this product with a 5-years warranty.

This video entryphone is distinguished precisely by the high security control which allows to reach, due to its characteristics. The wide-angle lens and the possibility of being able to zoom in on the smallest details, plus the ability to photograph and preserve some pictures, really allow you to manage your home safely.
Moreover, the products of the brand are also popular since years in the military field.

In addition to the residential field, the video entryphone JM lends itself to be used also in the service sector, where it can be fitted up to four external locations and eight internal positions.

For the internal station is provided a 7-inch LCD touch screen, equipped with the function to adjust the backlight and the improvement of recovery in unfavorable light conditions, which allow a perfect view of the area framed by the camera.

In addition, the video entryphone is equipped with audio and video guides that allow the enjoyment of deaf and blind people, warning them with appropriate signals.

The use of JM is intuitive and makes sure that we can keep the house under control even when we are away. In fact, the video entryphone can be connected to security cameras and alarm systems, and a call can be sent from JM video entryphone to your mobile phone or other telephone devices.
In addition, the device can also be used as a baby monitor, because intercommunicates between the various rooms of the house.

In short, it is a multifunction device, which is not only a video entryphone, but it is also a useful system for the safety of the entire house.

Home automation system to keep the house under control

Vimar: By-me controllo da notebook Home automation allows you not only to perform certain actions, such as activating blinds and turn on the lights, check the alarm, set the temperature or other scenarios, in an automatic way, but also to do it from far.
It will be possible as well, for example, to set the best temperature when you are away from home, to find it more welcoming when you are back.

Everything is possible with the home automation system By - me by Vimar and thanks to a web server that makes sure you can check the home via Internet using a common device as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

Despite the evolved technology, the system is equipped with a very simple and intuitive interface to manage. So you can control your home even when you are at work or on vacation and do so in a safe way, thanks to a secure, encrypted connection.

Vimar: By-me controllo da tablet For fans of Apple technology then, Vimar has developed a special free app, Vimar By - web through which you can control the home through images shot in real-time from the IP cameras placed in the house.

This application can be downloaded through the App Store via all mobile devices with the iOS operating system, and in no time you can manage all functions such as temperature control, alarm systems, automation, through iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Of course the system is manageable even when you are at home, checking from your smartphone or other device, all automation functions without getting up from the couch, simply by connecting to the local wi - fi network and having everything at your touch.

Post: House under control
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