Infrared heating panels

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Infrared heating panels: with few centimeters they furnish and make comfortable the living space, they are eco-friendly and perfect in every context.

Infrared heating panels
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

The technology of the infrared heating

Modern design's main objective is to achieve the highest levels of comfort, using elements that are at once functional, economical and environmentally friendly.

Pannelli riscaldanti infrarossi Infralia The infrared heating panels fall into this category.

The infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye but is able of transferring a quantity of heat enough to easily reach the ideal and comfortable temperature, this technology is ideal for both indoor and the outdoor.

The infrared heating technology is completely different compared to that of a normal radiator system, whose operation is based on heating the air masses that are put in motion by creating the flows.

The infrared radiation heats the air but not the individual bodies, thus being more effective and less harmful to humans as it does not put in motion dust or mites.
It will warm up, then, the objects in the environment and the walls, giving a more pleasant sensation of comfort to the people in the space.

Pannelli riscaldanti infrarossi BIORED

Types of infrared heating panels

Among the manufacturing companies you can find Infralia, that with the range Radiant Heater produces infrared heating panels modern and of high quality.

These elements use the principle of infrared radiant heat and are an elegant and energy efficient choice, ideal for covered spaces outdoor, as outdoor dining rooms and barbecue, patio areas, porches, patios, balconies, both of residential and commercial use.

The infrared heating panels are flat panels that can be easily mounted to the ceiling or wall.

The element itself is nothing more than an electrical heater powered from a wall outlet.
The difference with a traditional electric heating is that the alternative to infrared is more efficient in terms of energy consumption and heat production and match these performance techniques well designed and integrated into the space.

Pannelli riscaldanti infrarossi Infralia The panels are available in different sizes and characteristics of production and consumption.
They can be rotated to direct heat radiation.
One of the types proposed by Infralia is a Built-in a ceiling infrared warmer, but if necessary it can also be installed on the wall without the need for technical spaces.

The ignition, in fact, is very simple and can be done manually through a switch or also a timer. The same company also offers the ability to customize your panel, turning it into a real piece of furniture.

Pannelli riscaldanti infrarossi Infralia
You can indeed choose a logo, a photo or any other design, even a framework to transform your infrared radiator in a unique element!

Pannelli riscaldanti infrarossi Infralia Another great advantage of these panels is that they can be dismantled and installed in another place with great simplicity; Furthermore, if you chose the custom panel you can also redesign the same as needed.

They can also be used outdoors, in areas such as terraces or gardens, the important thing is to have a vertical support and a power outlet nearby to connect the element.
Decorative infrared panels completely transform the space, where they are installed, decorate it and at the same time make it comfortable without polluting the environment.
Another company that offers this type of radiator is BIORED ®. With its model glass infrared radiation electrically powered, with elegant shapes and a mirror surface.

Advantages of infrared heating panels

This innovative heating system has many positive aspects:

Pannelli infrarossi BIORED - They are cheap in the purchase, generating savings that comes close to 50% compared to conventional heating systems and if they are assembled with the best components have an unlimited duration;

- They are easy to install because it does not require pipes but just an outlet. The installation is done with screws to the wall, ceiling or with the aid of supporting optional elements from the floor;

- They are convenient to use, because if equipped with thermostats they provide optimum heating according to your needs. Even in a single room you can create different areas of thermal comfort;
- They are economical in consumption, because you fail to convert 100% of the energy consumed in a comfortable warmth. They heat quickly and accurately, without care costs and maintenance. The walls remain dry and the insulation properties improve in the long run;

Pannelli infrarossi - They are Eco-friendly, as environmentally friendly and when combined with alternative energy systems such as photovoltaics are a perfect contribution to protecting natural resources.
They do not generate polluting particles and do not contain metals such as lead or PVC that are harmful to the environment.

These panels can be installed where it is not possible to install a traditional heating system, because it is too expensive or too cumbersome, or in environments where the system is present but is either too old and bad or running too slowly because maybe undersized.
Finally, it is recommended in all those places where the existing heating system is inadequate.

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