Intrusion barriers

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The concept of barrier is present in the popular imagination when thinking about how to protect your home from intruders, there are no barriers to access.

Intrusion barriers
Ing. Vincenzo Granato
Ing. Vincenzo Granato

The concept of barrier is present in the popular imagination when weighing how to protect your home from intruders. Among the latest technological solutions, there are no barriers made of heavy materials but very light and quick to install and still be able to be impassable, if not generating an alarm signal.

These barriers wireless infrared rays which can be applied both inside buildings that outside them, allowing the protection of balconies, doors, windows and perimeters in general. These barriers are able to leave even physically open the passages, such as doors and windows, and thereby allowing the circulation of air in protected environments. Typically, these barriers are constituted by a system which sees them in place, a control device or control unit (master element) and a corresponding subordinate device (slave).

posa barriera su porta Inside of a pair of barriers which can be easily mounted, for example on the perimeter of a window, the master and the slave handle of the transmitters and receivers of infrared rays.

Transmitters and receivers are alternated to each other and positioned linearly, thanks to the contained dimensions, in the barriers, the whole has a footprint of the thickness of the order of a centimeter. The small size and flexibility of the barriers allows installation virtually anywhere, going from fixed installations to wall surfaces are not necessarily those of the front and arranged parallel to each other. The infrared barriers are marketed by various manufacturers and most of them are easily adaptable to the most common alarm unit.

Feature, the latter, which allows you to use, in addition to the barriers with alarm control units burglar alarm systems to service existing and functioning. Most elle intrusion barriers in addition to the generation of alarm signals in response to an intrusion, with the interruption of the communication of the infrared rays between transmitter and receiver, are able to communicate also other information. Constantly, a system of infrared barriers, is able to describe their state is to provide exceptional diagnostic messages (such as malfunctions or anomalies) or ordinary diagnostic messages (such as the battery indicator).

Electrical characteristics infrared barriers

As already described, the barriers can be used both for applications inside buildings both for external applications. Typically for the common internal applications they are able to cover a distance with infrared order of tens of meters. For applications outside of buildings, the distance is generally halved compared to the previous one. There are also trade barriers can work on hundreds of meters away.
The system power supply infrared barriers battery, 2 (usually 3.6 V - 2.6 Ah for each column length of about one meter.

interno barriera The average length of the system with new batteries is up to 2 years with an average operating speed of a few tens of activations per day. The barriers offer the possibility of adjustment of the response time of the alarm, and the sensitivity of the mode of alarm signaling.

Alarms are always generated as a consequence of the interruption of the beam of rays generated by the barrier, the beam can be made ??up of rows equidistant more or less intense or even by two simple rays that intersect between the corners of the area to be protected.

About feeling for many reef systems burglar alarm, it is possible to reduce stress as a function of weather conditions (strong winds and rain) that may cause false alarms.

The level of electrical safety is generally not less than IP54, the operating temperature has on average a range cha ranges from -25 ? C to + 55 ? C.

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