Lifters for motorcycles and bikes

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Lifters for motorcycles and bicycles, practical and easy to recover a bit 'of space in the garage and take full advantage of the environment, not only for car parking.

Lifters for motorcycles and bikes
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Space in the garage

sollevatori moto Saving space is becoming more important every day. The houses are small and the rooms are exploited to the last cm.
In the garage the space is never enough. There, in addition to the vehicles, we put all the items not too frequently used, and many other things, but they must be packed in an intelligent way.

On this front, motorcycles and bicycles are a major theme. Often, in fact, the arrangement of a motorcycle or a bike in the box makes it impossible to use the same space for the car.

To overcome this problem are presented in the last EICMA (International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition is held annually at the fair in Milan) different companies with interesting solutions.

Lifter of motorcycles and bicycles

sollevatori moto The approach to the problem is, to find a way to lift the vehicles, allowing the hood of the car to be able to recover valuable space.
In this way one can speak of real lifters that allow you to raise domestic resources to approximately 150 cm from the ground to recover, therefore, the thickness of the bike completely.
The companies that offer lifters properly oriented to the world of motorcycles are basically two: Motoparking and Omcrop.

The first system does not require a wall mount because it is equipped with a robust platform that ensures its stability.

To ensure greater stability, however, the system can also be anchored to the wall and can be used even without the presence of the motorcycle, both for storing other heavy objects and to park the car anyway even in the absence of the bike.

The base is designed to have a minimum longitudinal dimension and allow the car to occupy all the space perfectly without any interference between the wheels and the base.

The lifting operation is carried out in a few seconds and with the simple press on the appropriate switch. Given the simplicity is provided with a keys safety system that prevents from its use unauthorized persons or children.

To facilitate the operations of loading the motorcycle on the platform is provided the possibility to rotate by the help of some wheels in pvc.
Once parked the vehicle on the platform there is nothing else to do but lock it to the wall and begin the  lifting operation.

sollevatori bici To further simplify the operation with the kit, is also provided a small ramp that makes it easy to climb on the platform while avoiding the step with a sharp edge.

For big bikes and to ensure a more secure fastening hooks are provided to which it is possible to pass straps to anchor the bike.

The latter can be either stored or on the side stand or on the middle one.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of the system, consent to start-up procedure takes place only when the platform is fully closed and the bike is secured in a stable manner.
On the security front, is also provided a cable seal which, in case of breakage of the lifter blocks the lift preventing the fall. This system is coupled to a second fastening manual that can be inserted once raised the bike.
During the descent, an audible warning to the operator so that they are avoided crushing of the underlying material (cables, feet, etc..).

On the assemblying front is a fairly simple operation, and the product is supplied in a kit form for assembly on its own right in the box.
Also for this reason, the costs are quite low. The sum is something less than 2000 euros including VAT (shipping included).

sollevatori bici Characteristics very similar also for the system proposed by OMCROP that can also be used on vans thanks to the accessory that locks the front wheel. However the accessory in question can also be used in the box for a greater stability and security of attachment.

To cram the bike in the box, however, there are several interesting proposals, which also come from the garage, allowing you to place the bike in the balcony or even in the home.

For example, there are lifters for garage made with hooks and rods that, thanks to the lifting system, allow to store without fatigue.
A product type proposed by GiordanoShop, which has a very low cost and is also simple to assemble.

Or, if you want something more chic, here's the wall bike rack, like the Trophy Bicycle Holder Bull, which comes with a nice and stylish silhouette in the shape of a bull. A nice solution as well as a Christmas gift for true Hipstesr.

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