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The Minilift plant is a vertical lift suitable for small residential buildings with minimal restructuring.

Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Elimination of architectural barriers with a minilift

Law 13 of the 9th of January 1989 Provisions to facilitate the elimination of architectural barriers in private buildings, at art. 1, paragraph 3, letter d) decide the installation, in the case of buildings with more than three levels above ground, of a Minilift for each staircase reachable by a ramp without steps.

Minilift: installation Armonico of KONE Motus If the obligation is indispensable in new buildings, in the case of a restructuring, the need to install the system must be evaluated case by case, depending on the architectural and functional changes made to the property.

A recurrent case is that of a three florrs building (ground floor, first and second) covered with a pitched roof used as a loft, where you change the intended use of the latter making it habitable and obtaining a new residential real estate unit.

After the restructuring, therefore, the actually habitable floors of the building become four; it is at this point that comes out the obligation to put an elevator inside the building or outside, housed in a metal scaffolding structure.

The cabin, to be used easily by people with reduced motor and sensory skills, it must have minimum dimensions (other than for new construction and renovation) and a number of specific characteristics inherent to the extent and type of doors, the positioning of the panel of the commands and the presence of different safety devices.

Minilift in a residential space

Minilift: cherry Armonico of KONE Motus In the residential sector, however, you can proceed with the preparation of a lift system for personal needs, regardless of the number of floors, by their intended use and by their tenants.

The minilift Armonico of KONE Motus enables enable everyone to move around in complete safety and comfort, fully living the spaces of the house, without the thought of walking the stairs.

This minilift, functional and extremely quiet, allows the elimination of architectural barriers not only in a domestic environment, but also at work and in areas frequented during free time, because it's designed for professional and commercial areas.

The minilift Armonico of KONE Motus consumes as much as a common household appliance and connect to any power point of the house with a power supply of 230 V. The cabin is lit with LED spotlights, with a duration of up to 12 times longer than halogen lamps and an energy consumption of 85% less than traditional systems. Moreover, all the ceilings, which are illuminated with LED spotlights have standard emergency light in case of power failure.

Safety is also guaranteed. In fact, in case of black out the Minilift automatically returns to the starting point, while in the case of other failures, there is a dialer that allows you to reach up to 5 phone numbers predefined by the user.
Furthermore this is the curtain of light, a beam of infrared rays which prevents closing of the automatic door in the presence of obstacles.

Minilift: stainless Armonico of KONE Motus The focus in the design of this product does not stop to security and functionality, but also caters to the aesthetic, fitting in the Italian tradition aimed to giving great importance to the elegance and attention to design.

The displays can be extensively customized by choosing between wood, laminate and steel, in order to adapt perfectly to any stylistic context.

The minilifts occupies little more than a square meter, and if you do not have an adequate space in masonry, uses of specific structures in aluminum or steel, to be installed inside or outside the building.
They can be made of glass if you want to get an effect of great visual lightness or full metal, if you prefer more protection from light.

Where to go?

Armonico Minilift: Koneof KONE Motus is sold in convenient instalments and interest-free and is part of the tax benefits provided by the state.
Armonico of KONE Motus complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (Legislative Decree of January 27, 2010, 17) and the standard EN 81-41.
To get to know the details of the solutions KONE Motus is open every day from 8 am till 18 the number 800 455 677 or you can visit

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