Modern fireplaces

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Modern fireplaces cross the boundaries of tradition; with their spectacular outfits position themselves easily among the most innovative elements of decor.

Modern fireplaces
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Scenic rooms by installing modern fireplaces

On the wall or from the ceiling, small or big, the fireplace now crosses the boundaries of traditional patterns to easily take position among those furnishing elements which contribute to creative originality and emotion in a room.
Some models are particularly spectacular, and even when they are out, equally furnish the house.
Let's see some ideas for choosing the right fireplace, perfectly fitting with the overall style of our house.

Modern hanging fireplaces

Camino Gyrofocus (Focus) An amazing model, which places the innovative technology in connection with the aesthetic purity is Gyrofocus.

Like a modern sculpture to keep at home, this fireplace is one of the most successful ideas by Dominique Imbert that since 1968, with the company Focus, has created different models of fireplaces, both for the wall or to be placed in a central position.
All along, this French company specializing in the creation of metal chimneys with sophisticated design, launches products that are a vibrant mix of contemporary art and cutting edge technology. Gyrofocus heats the house in a radial way and lends itself well to furnish with a touch of originality a modern atmosphere.
It was the first example in the world of suspended fireplace that can rotate of 360°; a feature that has become a true icon of design, exhibited in 1996 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux and in 1998 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

From the top there is an hanging metal bubble full of fire, signed Antrax It , on the design of Andrea Crossetta.
This is what Bubble looks like, with an unusual shape attached to the ceiling.
To support it is the same load-bearing exhaust pipe and its ideal location is the center of the room, suspended at a height of 30 cm from the floor.
Bubble occupies small spaces ensuring a touch of class to any environment: the rustic and classic, with the game of contrasts among the different materials; in the modern, in the wake of the similarities.

Modern wall fireplaces

camino Bubble (Antrax It)

Bubble can also be purchased in a wall version more suitable for smaller areas, creating anyway that atmosphere that only direct contact with the flame can give. In both versions, the fireplace is made of laser-cut steel, precisely, is assembled with the aid of a robot and then expertly finished with the experience of Antrax IT, in two colors, black or gray, with coatings resistant to high temperatures.

Camino YAN-LI (di Arkiane)

For lovers of sinuous lines and less essential, the company Arkiane makes fireplaces with stylized flames, with high heating output. A true fusion of design and function, outside the established canon.
The fireplace YAN-LI respects the environment due to an emission of carbon monoxide reduced to the minimum.

From the same company we list the model Icoya, which takes its name from a Incas deity, representative of nature, renewal, lightness and beauty.
The model Icoya by Arkiane is light, it is small while still ensuring a great view of the fire. Its steel ornament underlines the decorative and neat forms.
The model is available in two versions: built-in, covered with a plasterboard wall that shows only the facade and the steel finishes; the wall model that reveals the entire three-dimensional shape, including the chimney.

Camino Icoya (di Arkiane)

Modern pellet fireplaces

For those who want to switch from wood to a new fuel, pellets, we recommend Montegrappa Pellet, a one unit pellet fireplace made of thick steel, with heat-resistant paint. The combustion chamber in stainless steel with cast iron burner is equipped with a spark arrester in catalyst-ceramic refractory material that let obtain a clean and sparkling fire.
The ceramic glass door ensures the hermetic closure of the combustion chamber; the pellet container in galvanized steel has a capacity of 50 kg.

camino a pellet India (Montegrappa pellet)

This pellet stove is complete with electronic control unit that controls the on off functions, fuel supply, smoke extraction and ventilation, either manually or automatically. India is the model in Vicenza stone, brushed with protective treatment.
The base and the inner frame are in black granite flamed and brushed.

Bioethanol for modern fireplaces

The bioethanol fireplaces are having a great success, the ideal solution for those who want the warm atmosphere of the fireplace, avoiding that annoying routine maintenance required by a traditional model.
The ethanol bio fireplaces use a clean alcohol as a fuel, derived from the fermentation and distillation of plant residues of crops.

Among the various companies that deal with this type of product we include the Venetian Dimensione design that started in 1982, when the entrepreneur Adalberto Mestre proposed the architect Tobia Scarpa to design a line of fireplace accessories.

Flame (Size of Drawing)

The first collection Dimensione Fuoco was born. The Flame model, designed by Giulio Gianturco, a specialist in medical hydroclimatology, spa clinic and phlebology, is a indoor fireplace, essential in its design.

Made entirely of steel, internally has a grill in brushed stainless steel, with certificated burner and bioethanol supply.
Easy to use in any house, its flame is surrounded by ceramic glass, an accessory of great interest, both for the safety function and for an addition of elegance to the dwelling.

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