Outdoor stoves

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The stoves for heating outdoors are the best solution to make localized usable outdoor space, even in bad weather.

Outdoor stoves
Arch. Natalia Di Pasquali
Arch. Natalia Di Pasquali

www.phormalab.it The outdoor stoves, the best solution to localized heating, intermittent or continuous, the external environment.

Make welcoming its own terrace or garden, it is the prerogative of those who have outdoor areas equipped to want to make it usable, even when the weather does not warrant pleasant temperatures.

With the arrival of winter, you can think of using valid and aesthetically effective solutions to ensure the usability of outdoor environments.

Often, a terrace or a garden, is seen and experienced as a natural extension of the interior spaces, and it is for this reason that a system with external heating, large or small, provides a use, safely, and the maintenance of the desired comfort.

Type of stoves for outdoor use

In the market there are many models and types of stoves for outdoor use. All aimed at warming people and surfaces placed in non-secure environment.

www.phormalab.it These are differentiated by the type of operation, which determines most of the time, the aesthetic appearance and morphology.

The stoves for outdoor use are the most common flame heaters, gas fired, placed in cylinders or distributed with fixed installation, known with the name of patio heaters.

Another type of stoves, is given by those in radiant surface. These, exploiting the principle of irradiation and distribute heat through a wire mesh.

Operation of stoves for outdoor radiant surface

The stoves for outdoor speakers are of heat that exploit, for their operation, the physical phenomenon of irradiation.

It is assumed that the bodies with temperatures above absolute zero, or greater than -273 ? C, releasing thermal energy through the infrared.

The energy is transformed into heat when they enter into contact with a body placed at a lower temperature.

It is for this reason that warms people or things, but not the air.

Advantages of radiant heaters

www.siabs.com The stoves for outdoor use, using radiation, considerable advantages of application.

First and foremost, for which, the heat is transmitted only where strictly necessary, avoiding, ie, to heat the air present.

Another advantage is related to savings, because the plant of radiant heating, ensure to contain running costs, compared with a minimal initial investment.

There is talk of saving especially in reference to the management of the system, and quickly with the heater comes into operation.

The use of a device to radiation, allows to heat in a direct and precise, people and surfaces.

Otherwise, the use of classical systems convection, requires a greater expenditure of energy, since people are heated by the air, which in turn is heated by the heating system.

It is evident, that for an external environment, where the air is not forced or circumscribed, the heating takes place in times decidedly longer.

Characteristics of outdoor stoves

The manufacturers have developed different systems of stoves, to ensure heat outdoors.

In recent years, attention has also been paid to the aesthetic aspects, no longer negligible, coming to offer valuable and interesting engineering solutions.

www.siabs.com The SIABS known factory heating systems, proposes for example, Ufo, stove, outdoor fancy design. The feature of this stove is the silent operation.

Depending on the models can be manual or electronic operation, in both cases the security is fully guaranteed by special devices.

The heater is supplied with a fixed gas methane and presents very low operating costs. Also it can be mounted in suspension, such as to ensure a very comfortable heating and leaving it completely free walking surfaces.

The fact of not to present gas cylinders for operation, lowers maintenance time.

With regard to the heating surface, this is composed of a metal fiber, having low emission of pollutants.

The peculiarity of the metal fiber is that it suddenly reaches the high temperatures required by the stove, which is around 900 ? C.

www.siabs.com Another good solution is the model Kaliente, always proposed by SIABS.

It is a stove from external tower, or fungus, which has as the heating element flame generated by the combustion gas.

It can be powered or LPG cylinder or fixed plant to natural gas.

The stove Kaliente, presents a manual or automatic operation by means of remote control with the possibility of adjustment.

The stove Kaliente can also be customized with the use of special panels cover-cylinder, made ??available to the customer.

A solution absolutely indicated in contexts where the aesthetic is high, it is undoubtedly the one proposed and studied by Phormalab .

www.phormalab.it The infrared heater proposed by the Laboratory of Design, presents itself under the guise of a street lamp or a lamp, aesthetically appealing.

The infrared lamp proposal is called HotDoor, stove designed just like a lamp with a dual function: heat and furnish external sites.

It looks like a lamp shaped stolen while the plant world, the feeling of heat supply, is very reminiscent of the warmth of the sun

Since infrared non employs flames, nor cylinders for combustion.

It is put on the market in the form of rod itself, which as a lamp to a wall or ceiling.

It is available in different colors, and numerous accessories and configurations.

The lamp body is made ??of cast aluminum, while the infrared bulb used, it is tied to technology Philips Helen, now carried on by Dr. Fischer.

www.borelladesign.com Speaking of design, we can also mention the Borella Design that with the stove for outdoor Wizard of Oz, has released to the market, a stove alternative.

In fact it is a complex system of functions, from the brazier to portavasi coming to be an aluminum container for outdoor use.

It consists of two major elements aluminum, from the innovative egg shape semi-tilted almost wedged between them.

We conclude with the stove for outdoor fungus in the version proposed by Tansun with Elite Model Riviera.

www.tansun.com It is a heating element for external completely independent and resistant to various weather conditions, with the particularity of including three heaters.

This type of stove is very suitable for domestic use, in addition to the usual commercial uses.

The system, can be fixed permanently to the ground or can be provided with a movable base, which guarantees its use in the various portions of area.

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