Stoves programmable by remote control

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Being able to remotely control the heating of the house has two big advantages: ensuring living comfort and save in the bill.

Stoves programmable by remote control
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Remote control through automation

We are still in a period of transition: home automation, namely the science of methodologies and techniques to simplify the life of man in the house, is still not very common in our homes.

controllo a distanza The overriding reason is economic and lies in the difficulty of adapting the old houses, and in the costs for installing new cables and control units suitable for the management of the various systems in new buildings; which is why, even today, few mansions have home automation systems.

The advantages are, however, many and reside in the possibility of remotely managing the home installations: to be able to operate from the office, during a walk or during holiday, the opening and closing of windows, the switching on and off of the heating system, the start of the washing machine, dishwasher, oven and other appliances, or check the security of the house, these actions become easy to perform through the use of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones and applications designed specifically for the management at distance of one's home.

Home automation therefore allows the control of all systems: electrical, thermal, hydraulic, or video surveillance; in this article we will analyze the remote management of the heating system, very useful in order to program the switching on and off of the same during the cold winter days.

Heating and remote control

What's more comfortable when back home, during a cold winter day to find the rooms at the right temperature?

Even without the presence of a home automation system, it is now possible to program the time for switching on and off with a common thermostat to operate the heating system at a fixed time, or whenever the temperature falls below a set limit .
The advantage, however, in the remote management of the system itself, through a home automation system, lies in the ability to control, at any place and time, the system of the house in which we live permanently or, why not, the holiday house.

With regard to the first house we think, for example, of the possibility of something unexpected: we had planned to return home at a certain time; a commitment delays the return, so it is necessary to postpone the ignition system of a few hours. This way, you avoid unnecessary heat loss, resulting in savings in the bill.
As for the holidays house, maybe in the mountains, the presence of a home automation system for the management of the heating system becomes critical to get a warm and comfortable place already at our arrival.

Programmazione remota In this regard, many manufacturers of stoves and plants of various types offer solutions in line with current technology and at the same time with high and ecological performance.

It is mainly the pellet stoves the emblem of ecological heating for excellence and, complemented by modern home automation, heating systems are one of the best that we can adopt.

MCZ is a manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces for the house; within its product line there are pellet stoves with a high level of technology; among these stands Ego 2.0. stove with steel structure, top and grate in cast iron and steel sides. This stove is available in Air and Comfort Air®, equipped with two fans independently adjustable, or in the completely sealed version Air Oyster, ideal for houses with high energy saving and for passive houses.
The other peculiarity lies in the intelligent management of combustion via Active+, a system thanks to which it is possible to control and communicate with the stove at a distance. Through a dedicated app, in fact, you can manage the stove even from a smartphone or a tablet. The application requires an accessory kit and can operate via sms or via wi-fi.

stufa programmabile a distanza mcz

Also Palazzetti looks to the future and achieves, in collaboration with Iquii, an application for now only for IOS but soon also for Android devices, to dialogue with the stove at home. With it you can not just turn on and off the device, but also monitor its performance, check for the presence of pellets, discover the presence of any deficiency; In short, through an easy and intuitive app, is guaranteed the total interaction with your own stove.

All products in the line Ecofire have a serial connection box, through which you can remotely manage the stove; from this line we point out Ecofire Audrey 9 Kw, winning product, together with the stove Elizabeth, by Good Design Award 2014 in the category Households Products.
Designed by MARCARCHSTUDIO, this is a pellet stove with steel and glass door, equipped with self-cleaning system. It consists of a cast iron grate and large ash drawer, as well as a touch panel for direct operation and connection box for remote management.
Its base price is 3,280.00, excluding VAT.

stufa programmabile a distanza palazzetti

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