Summer cooling systems

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Innovation and advanced technology. Some solutions for summer cooling of the interior: one with radiant panels and the other with air conditioning.

Summer cooling systems
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Technological innovation and summer cooling

The feature of technology is to evolve and improve in a constant search.
Even when it seems to have reached the optitum the desired result, it can go even further, in a continuous improvement.

Innova: sistema di raffreddamento estivo This also applies to the field of air conditioning, domestic and in particular of the summer cooling, where, despite the excellent results already achieved, are from time to time proposed solutions for further improvements.

In addition to the improvement of the overall performance one aims at making the devices more versatile and suitable for all types of construction, also the historical one, with its architectural constraints to be respected.
This is how solutions for summer cooling really innovative and technologically advanced are created.

Summer cooling with radiant panels

It was the end of 2011, when Eurotherm Spa had to cope with the demands of a really special radiant system, destined to none other than the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci in Vinci (FI).
From this challenge and thanks to the work of Research & Development, Leonardo was born, a new plant radiant ceiling, now widely used for summer cooling.

sistema di raffreddamento estivo: Leonardo

The system is made of modular panels, plasterboard, with the pipe already inserted, available in different sizes depending on the size of the premises to be cooled: 1200 x 2000 x 50 mm (divisible into two panels of 1200 x 1000 x 50 mm) and 600 x 2000 x 50 mm.

The characteristic of Leonardo is a particularly high output, certified by the WSP Lab Stuttgart, obtained thanks to the revolutionary shape of the ring, to which the pipe is distributed with meandering pattern, so as to maximize the exchange surface between the pipe and the plasterboard.

Eurotherm:sistema  Leonardo But the superior performance is due to the use of a tube MidiX with an outer diameter of 10 mm and thickness 1.3 mm. The tube greatly reduces the load losses by addressing one of the major problems of the solutions in plasterboard.

Furthermore, for the first time in a plant of this type, the system offers the possibility to choose between two possible distances of the pipes.
In this way you can balance the system depending on the amount of pipe that is needed, with a better economy of the entire system.

Another key element of the Leonardo system is the fact that the supply is integrated in the slab and this offers the possibility of using up to 100% of the available surface, unlike traditional systems, where the supply must occupy part of the ceiling, subtracting in this way a part to be allocated to the radiating surface.

The clutch is facilitated through special fittings that offer exceptional hold.
But the installation is simplified primarily by the guidelines of the circuit shown on the panel surface, which prevent damage to the pipes.

The system is also available in the application to the wall, with an output superior to other similar systems, thanks to the ring that allows to use a larger amount of the tube and thus increase the radiating surface.

Eurotherm: sistema Smartcomfort To further improve the comfort climate and ensure energy saving, Eurotherm offers in conjunction with these systems, the machines that solve at once the problem of dehumidification and control the renewal of the air during the summer season.
We're talking about ceiling deu-conditioners Ecoclima DCA from the line Ecoen line, characterized by the absence of the compressor.

Finally, the adjustment of the latest generation Smartcomfort with touchscreen Bus technology with digital controls and sensors for temperature and humidity, allows a better management of all the elements, thereby contributing to a maximum system efficiency.

Summer cooling with air conditioning

The latest news by Innova is 2.0, the air conditioner without outdoor unit, thinner category, just 15 cm!
The machine was designed by Oreste Bottaro in collaboration with his team of engineers and technicians.
2.0 is a fixed air conditioner without outdoor unit, it encloses in one product the two units of the split; Moreover, the holes of small diameter makes it practically invisible.

Innova: sistema di raffreddamento 2.0 This air conditioner is thus the optimal solution for buildings located in the historic centers and subject to architectural constraints.

In fact, it only needs two holes of 16 inches in diameter for the exchange with the outside, they are practically invisible and they reduce the environmental impact.
These are automatically closed when the machine is turned off, so you avoid unnecessary losses to the outside and the intrusion of animals or other foreign bodies.

From the technical point of view, it is to highlight the system of air exchange completely new for this category of products.
Designed by R & D company, this system performs a heat recovery of exhaust air from the inside, allowing an improvement in the average output.

The years of research and development necessary for the realization of 2.0 have also led to the production of a solution, particularly silent and able to obviate the most common installation problems, enclosing in a single product high performance and of superior design.

Innova: sistema di climatizzazione 2.0 Consumption is also restrained, thanks to the continuous power supply of the ventilation engines which allow a better adjustment of the speed.

The air conditioning can be installed on the wall, in high or low position.
It can be programmed remotely with a multifunction remote control or directly on the machine.

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