The heated towel rails

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The heated towel rails, in steel or aluminum, water or electric, is able to heat the environment and to characterize it as if it were a painting or a design object.

The heated towel rails
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Traditional radiator and heated towel rails

termosifone in ghisa In old houses to be renewed we still find them: they are the cast iron radiators; our parents are very loyal to the length that material is able to retain heat even after switching off the heating system.

However, they are heating elements subject to wear over time and especially very heavy, so awkward to remove from the wall to which are hooked in the case of cleaning of the same and of the support.
The cast iron radiators over the years have been replaced by modern radiators, innovative both for the materials used, and for the shapes and sizes.

While the cast iron has been replaced by aluminum or steel, with regard to the shape it is no longer standard, that is rectangular, but it assumes very different shapes from classical to the most strange, since they are not just heating elements anymore, but real piece of furniture.

termoarredo brandoni zero otto The dimensions also change, thanks to the different operation and to a higher yield: the most classic and widespread operation of a radiator is related to the passage of water and is connected with the heating system of the apartment, which can be autonomous or centralized, in the case of condo.
The operation can also be mixed: water-filled radiators can be fitted with an electric heating element and a thermostat with a timer to turn on and turn off automatically.
The electric operation only radiators, are inadvisable due to high energy consumption, unless there is no other alternative.

Regarding the configuration, the radiator is composed of collectors and radiant tubes: the collectors may be layed horizontally or vertically, and are provided with sleeve for the connection to the heating. The radiant tubes are generally tubular in shape, horizontal or vertical, while in modern radiators they can also come as slats, grills or panels.

The classic radiators are attached to the wall with two or more attachment points: the distance from the wall is about 6 cm, the anchors can be made with dowel shelves, galvanized shelves or wall brackets.
While previously the aesthetic was not absolutely important, so much so that the radiators were placed under the windows, maybe hidden by curtains, thanks to the advent of technology it has gone from simple radiators heated furnishings, capable of heating and furnishing at the same time.

The state-of-the-art heated furnishings can then be fixed to the wall, but also a flag that is perpendicular to the wall, fixed to the floor by means of two pins or plates and wall mounting hardware with telescopic side. In this way the radiator also serves as a partition.
Alternatively, you can attach it to the floor and ceiling using hooks that hold the heating structure.

Examples of heated towel rails

One of the main characteristics of the design radiators is to furnish a room like a picture, a painting, a shelf with ornaments, so that's why they are also called heated towel rails.
Choosing a heated towel rail means to install a system that heats the environment to perfection, but it is also a choice of taste to help you to fully customize your space.

termoarredo brandoni fantasy That's why companies specializing in the manufacture of heated towel rails offer objects as if they were pieces of forniture, conceived and designed to maximize the production of heat and at the same time to furnish.

The first example that we propose is a heated towel rail from the classical form but with high level of customization: Fantasy by the company from Marche, Brandoni.
It is an electrical and water operation radiator, whose surface can be coated with any high-resolution image through a particular processing system that transfers the image on the sheet steel.

The heated towel rails in the bathroom lately is very popular, due to its dual function, namely to heat up and hold towels and linen, drying it at the same time: for this reason the heated towel rails in this case are also called towel heaters.

termoarredo antrax flaps What we propose is a product designed and intended to be innovative in the form, in the materials and in operation; it is Flaps, produced by Antrax and drawn by Victor Vasilev radiator made entirely of recyclable aluminum with high efficiency and characterized by a plate with a thickness of 4 mm, interrupted by symmetrical folds, flaps in English, from which the radiator is named.
It is available in sizes 171 x 35, 201 x 35, the electric version, and can be produced in more than 200 colors.
For this product the company has been awarded by Interior Innovation Award 2014 as the best product in the certificate section, heated towel rail.

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