Ultra thin stoves and heaters

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The traditional electric heater, now takes more modern forms, improving its design, its performance and reducing its consumption. Here are some models.

Ultra thin stoves and heaters
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

How to heat the room with a ultrathin technology

When you have the need to heat spaces with reduced size, such as studios, lofts, attics, cellars, offices or utility rooms in which there is the possibility of installing a heating system, one can resort to a heater power supply to ultra-thin .

Pannello da muro ultra sottile di ECONO-HEAT
Today, compared to the models that were used in the past you can buy devices that can be placed on the ground, such as the classic heater, or attached to the wall in a very simple way and perfectly complementing the style of the house.

These power supply heating panels have a reduced power consumption and a good consumption in terms of heat generated, as by exploiting the movement of the air they are able to heat the space, obtaining the necessary heat for the attainment of good levels of comfort .

Ultra flat electric heaters: why choosing them

A company that has launched a model of ultra-thin electric heater that can be fixed to the wall or that can rest on the floor is Bartolini with the model Slim PR45 and Slim PR90.

These two models of power supply heating panel, are quite similar, but they differ essentially for power and size.

Pannelli ultrasottili Bartolini
The heating panel of the line Slim has a super flat design that makes it almost invisible. In the space it produces an efficient and continuous heat, using a small amount of electrical energy.

It is ideal for bedrooms, offices, hallways, closets, camper and where is required a continuous heating supplied at a constant temperature (85°C) from a large surface.
The panel can be painted of the color of the wall.

Mounted on a wall in a versatile way, with the output of the plug to choice if on the right or on the left, this model is also equipped with an automatic thermostat.

The model Slim PR45 has a power supply [V] 230, the heating mode is prevalent convection, the panel has a size of 62 x 45 x 1.7 cm and a weight of about 5:30 kg and a cost of about 90 Euros.

The model Slim PR90, however, has again the same type of power supply; what changes is the power delivered clearly higher, the dimensions of which are 90x62x1,7cm, the weight of about 10 kg, and also the cost of up to about 135 EUR.

Another company is the ECONO-HEAT ® that has introduced the heating panels extremely versatile.

These items can be painted with water based paint of good quality, to fit the decorative style of the environment, merging completely with the color of the walls or contrasting it. In this way, the panels can be transformed into a pleasant furnishing element.

The power supply panel proposed by ECONO-HEAT®, to heat the room where it is installed uses the technology of natural convection.
The heat, in fact, is generated essentially at the rear of the radiator, in the space between the panel and the wall: this allows hot air to circulate efficiently in the room.

The principle of natural convection causes about 90% of the heat present in the room resulting from the back of the panel and that only 10% is radiated from the front.

Tecnologia di convezione per pannelli radianti ECONO-HEAT
The panel for electric heating Econo-Heat is produced with materials free of asbestos and harmful chemicals or metal:
the structure is composed of two sheets of fiber cement, with components of rolled wire enclosed between the two plates.

The connection point between the power cable and the network of rolled wire is sealed by a discrete and well designed cover. Therefore, it has a moderate temperature of the front surface and is therefore safer for children and pets.
In addition, it doesn't have exposed elements, no fans and it is not gas-powered.

The heating panels ECONO-HEAT are the ideal system for heating in the most economic way the most part of the rooms. However, they are not indicated in the bathrooms or other spaces with a high degree of humidity.

If it is necessary to install them in a bathroom, for example, the panel should be positioned at least at 150/ 160cm from the ground and away from the shower or the bathtub.

Posiziona correttamente i pannelli ultra sottili ECONO-HEAT
Because of its ease of installation, this ultra-slim heater is sold to non-professionals. They have a special mounting kit, the ECONO-KIT which consists of the following elements:

- A drill bit 8 mm;
- 4 plugs for conventional walls, 4 plugs for plasterboard,
- A screwdriver and 4 fixing nails.

Through this kit supported by special instructions, assembly is very simple!

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