How to make the house cool

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To make the house cool in summer there are air conditioners and fans, but also many natural systems that reduce energy consumption.

How to make the house cool
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Cool the house with air conditioners and fans

Almost all houses are equipped with an air conditioning system. However often we tend to abuse of air-conditioning systems, with the setting of excessively low temperatures than at room temperature.
This determines eccessive consumption of electricity, resulting in increased costs in the bill, but it can also cause damage to health.

condizionatore per rinfrescare la casa Of course, when the summer is very hot, combined with increased humidity, the disconfort is remarkable.
But you can defend yourself making the house cool, even without conditioner or using it only for a limited number of hours.

In fact, this must be switched on only while you are at home and making sure that all windows are closed. We must also set the temperature at not more than 6 degrees less than the ambient. In any case, the Ministry of Health recommends an internal temperature of not less than 24-25°C.

It is also useful to keep away from the thermostat of the air conditioner apparatus which provide heat, such as lamps and appliances, to avoid that the heat generated by them keep operating the air conditioner longer.

We should not forget, that to cool the house, in addition to the air conditioner, it is always possible to use a fan, which consumes much less and is able to lower the temperatures of even 3 - 4 degrees.

It is preferable to use a model on the ceiling, so that the fresh air goes from top to bottom.
To increase the coolness created by a portable fan, however, you can put in front of a bowl full of ice. Be careful, though, to keep it away from the appliance when melted.

Tips to cool your home in a natural way

The first thing to do to make a fresh house is to avoid as much as possible to the entrance to the sun's rays.
A trick to prevent the house from getting too hot can be therefore to close the blinds or lower them during the hottest hours of the day, especially in the rooms facing south and west. At times it is also advisable to keep windows closed completely, because this will prevent the entry of moist and heavy air.
Instead keeping them open during the early hours of the morning or at night helps to circulate air and cool the rooms.

tenda per rinfrescare la casa For those who have a balcony can be useful to install a tent outside, so to shade it and you can spend outdoors a few hours of the day.
For the windows are sufficient normal curtains or blinds. An alternative to awnings may be the installation of a beach umbrella on the terrace or balcony.
Instead, for inside curtains is preferable to use white or light colored fabrics that reflect light and heat away from the house.

From the house should be removed also all the furnishings, such as carpets and pillows, especially if they are made in heavy fabrics and dark colors.

In outdoor spaces, such as balconies and terraces, as well as gardens or yards, it is very helpful to place plants in general and climbing plants that absorb moisture and the heat and keep the house shaded.

To avoid increasing the humidity in your home you should take a shower or wash clothes in the coolest hours of the day, so as to limit the formation of condensation.

Another useful tip is to turn off all appliances and electronic devices that are not in use, pulling the plug, in fact they remain on standby not only increase power consumption but bring heat to the environment.
Even the use of the hob may be limited, trying to favor the consumption of fresh raw foods, such as fruits and salad, while the oven should not just be turned on. Rather, it is preferable to use the microwave oven that allows you to cook in a few minutes.

Similarly it is also necessary to minimize the lights, especially those which have incandescent lamps, because in the summer the hours of natural light available are many.
But the best solution is, however, to replace all incandescent lamps still present in houses with low consumption ones.

Of course all of these tips should always be added to the fact that the problem can be solved at the root insulating the building, acting on its wrapping, roof, walls and windows with insulating materials. This will not only keep the house cooler in the summer, but also warmer in the winter, while also reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.

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